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Currency Converter

Automatically convert prices in local currency using geo-location. Integrated with Shopify Payments Multiple Currencies.

Currency Converter | Vitals

Shipping Information

Prevent cart abandonment by letting visitors know how much time it would take and cost to ship the products to their location.

Shipping Information | Vitals


Capture more leads and prevent cart abandonment by displaying automatic and exit-intent customizable pop-ups.

Pop-ups | Vitals

Stock Scarcity

Create urgency by letting your customers know that the inventory is running low on the products they're currently browsing.

Stock Scarcity | Vitals

Recent Sales Notifications

Create social proof by showing notifications regarding your recent orders and products being added to cart.

Recent Sales Notifications | Vitals

Recently Viewed

Cross-sell efficiently by displaying on product pages and in the cart the products your visitors have recently viewed.

Recently Viewed | Vitals

Instant Search

Help visitors instantly find the products they're looking for by using predictive search and displaying frequent searches.

Instant Search | Vitals

Hide Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Create a smooth checkout flow by hiding the dynamic checkout buttons (PayPal, Apple Pay) from your cart and product pages.

Hide Dynamic Checkout Buttons | Vitals

Cookies Bar

Comply with the EU regulations by informing your visitors, in a visible way, that you use cookies to track site activity.

Cookies Bar | Vitals

Auto External Links

Prevent visitors from closing your store when opening external links, by automatically opening them in new tabs.

Auto External Links | Vitals

Scroll to Top Button

Help your customers get back easily to the top of the page, where they can see the product photos and purchase options.

Scroll to Top Button | Vitals

Agree to Terms Checkbox

Follow EU's regulations on processing personal data by obtaining consent before visitors start the checkout process.

Agree to Terms Checkbox | Vitals

Product Reviews

Easily collect, import and display reviews with photos and boost trust and conversion rates with social proof.

Product Reviews | Vitals

Visitor Replays

Watch real recordings of your visitors on your store, to make informed decisions that improve your conversion rate.

Visitor Replays | Vitals

Spin the Wheel

Capture more leads and offer discount codes to boost conversion rate with this highly interactive pop-up.

Spin the Wheel | Vitals

Trust Seals and Badges

Increase trust and conversion rate with premium, professionally-designed badges that match your store's look and feel.

Trust Seals and Badges | Vitals

Cart Reserved Timer

Create urgency by letting your visitors know that the products in cart are reserved only for a limited time.

Cart Reserved Timer | Vitals

Facebook Pixels

Improve your Facebook Ads ROI by creating highly targetted audiences with the help of pixels fired on specific pages.

Facebook Pixels | Vitals

All-in-One Chat

Help your customers get in touch with you via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Instagram and more.

All-in-One Chat | Vitals


Rank better in Google Image Search and get more qualified visitors by adding ALT tags to your images.

SEO ALT Tags | Vitals

Sticky Add to Cart

Improve conversion rate by displaying a sticky add to cart bar when the visitors are scrolling down.

Sticky Add to Cart | Vitals

Social Media Buttons

Boost social proof by letting your visitors know you're present on their social media channel of choice.

Social Media Buttons | Vitals

Inactive Tab Message

Reduce cart abandonment by dynamically modifying the browser tab's title when the visitor navigates away from your store.

Inactive Tab Message | Vitals

Accelerated Checkout

If increasing average order value is not important for your store, send your customers directly to checkout instead of cart.

Accelerated Checkout | Vitals

Product Description Tabs

Improve usability by using tabs, created and assigned to groups of products or auto-generated based on descriptions.

Product Description Tabs | Vitals

Geolocation Redirect

Redirect visitors to the corresponding local store based on geolocation rules.

Shoppable Instagram Feed

Build social proof by tagging products in your Instagram posts and displaying the gallery on your store.

Shoppable Instagram Feed | Vitals

Announcement Bars

Capture leads, communicate free shipping thresholds or make store-wide announcements with the help of header bars.

Announcement Bars | Vitals

Payment Logos

Build trust by letting your visitors know that you are accepting a wide assortment of payment methods.

Payment Logos | Vitals

Countdown Timer

Create urgency and increase conversion rate using a countdown timer for all your discounted products.

Countdown Timer | Vitals

Related Products

Increase average order value by recommending products based on previous purchases or different algorithms.

Related Products | Vitals

Facebook Messenger Chat

Provide live, instant and personalized customer support with the native Facebook messenger live chat.

Facebook Messenger Chat | Vitals


Increase revenue by allowing visitors to pre-order products that are either out of stock or not yet released.

Pre-Orders | Vitals

Animated Add to Cart

Make sure your Add To Cart button stands out by adding a subtle animation on mouse over or every few seconds.

Animated Add to Cart | Vitals

Favicon Cart Count

Make sure your store's browser tab stands out by displaying the number of items in cart on the favicon.

Favicon Cart Count | Vitals

Best Sellers Protection

Prevent competitors from snooping around, by automatically hiding the best selling sort option on your collection pages.

Best Sellers Protection | Vitals

Content Protection

Prevent content theft by blocking right click, text and image selection, copy, cut & save shortcuts and drag and drop.

Content Protection | Vitals

Quick Access Links

Quickly access the most important sections of your Shopify Admin using this bar that only appears when you are logged in.

Quick Access Links | Vitals

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