Animated Add to Cart

The great Shopify Animated Add to Cart app by VITALS is a fun and useful app that has a huge potential to increase sales through a simple (so human) trick.

The Animated Add to Cart application emphasizes your so important Add to Cart button by adding a subtle animation when your eager client moves the mouse over the button. As usual, with the awesome VITALS apps, the animation is highly customizable so that it fits your style and your store. This app is integrated with the Product Bundles and Sticky Add To Cart apps.

Basically, by using (subtle but) catchy animations on your Add to Cart button, you can increase your sales and also appeal to your clients, increasing the odds they will return for more purchases.

Make sure your Add To Cart button stands out by adding a subtle animation on mouseover or every few seconds.

  • Your "Add to cart" button becomes alive and it's thrilling when touched by the pointer of the Shopify client;
  • Increase sales and keep your clients engaged and having fun. While spending the hard-earned cash;
  • Customizable animation, so that you can optimize the add to cart animations to your liking;
  • The app is integrated with other awesome VITALS applications - product bundles and Sticky Add to cart ones;
  • Trigger animation when you want it to, how you want it to;
  • Ten different types of animations to choose from.

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