Announcement Bars

The Announcement Bars Shopify App from VITALS 40+ others is yet another example of how to use technology to keep your clients up to date and happier.

The Announcement Bar from Shopify can be used in plenty of ways in order to let your customers know of the Coronaviruses updates and how it affects your store, promotions, sales or just say a heartfelt "HELLO and welcome to the best Shopify Store" on the continent!

This awesome app for Shopify Store helps you capture visitors and keep them engaged, communicate free shipping thresholds, or make store-wide important announcements.

Capture leads, communicate free shipping thresholds or make store-wide announcements with the help of header bars

  • THE perfect way to immediately let your clients know of the important discounts, offers, or misc announcements, storewide;
  • Highly customizable announcement bar - position it where and how you want it so that it matches your store;
  • Capture visitors and keep them engaged; let them know your free shipping offer;
  • Seven different smart bars you can choose from – eMail capture bar, text bar, countdown bar, etc.;
  • If you so wish, you can allow your customers to be able to close the bar while navigating the store.

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