Auto External Links

To create a smooth user experience, the external links added to your store should always open in a new browser tab.

The downside effect would be significant, imagine adding a Facebook page or Instagram profile link in your store's footer: you don't want your visitors to click on that link and Facebook or Instagram to open in the same tab, "over" your store.

Shopify makes it easy for you to choose, when you add a new link, whether it should open in the same tab or a new one. But it's even easier to forget doing this each and every time, so we're providing you with a simple tool to automatically open all external links in a new tab.

Just enable it in one click and you're set.

Prevent visitors from closing your store when opening external links, by automatically opening them in new tabs.

  • Force all links to be opened outside your store;
  • Increase the time spent in your store, thus improving the chances of sales;
  • It automatically opens all links in new tabs, so you don't have to remember all the time to set this up, manually.

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