Content Protection

VITALS - Content Protection Shopify App protects you from content thieves, minimizing the risks of duplicate content on the Internet. Basically, this app protects your Shopify store from THOSE people that are too lazy to create their own product descriptions or photos, and they'd rather "borrow" them from you.

This app will make it really difficult for someone to copy your content by:

  • disabling right-click on text and images
  • disabling text selection using the mouse or the **ctrl + a** keyboard shortcut
  • disabling dragging & dropping on your images and text
  • disabling common shortcuts

Prevent content theft by blocking right-click, text and image selection, copy, cut & save shortcuts, and drag and drop.

  • Deters content thieves from (easily) stealing your hard-worked content;
  • Disables a plethora of ways to steal content from your Shopify Store;
  • Disables right click & save image or text, shortcuts, drag, and drop, etc;
  • Very easy to install and implement – just tick what boxes you want in order to block competitors.

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