Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer from VITALS is a great way to sell more in Shopify, by creating urgency and the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) effect. It is similar to creating scarcity and urgency has been proven times and times again to be a very powerful tool in boosting sales in Shopify Stores.

By having a Countdown Timer attached to your cart it rapidly activates the FOMO effect, which boosts sales. I mean, you WOULDN'T want to miss on that super offer that expires in just 5 minutes, right?

In VITALS, which already offers 40+ different apps, you'll find not only one but TWO apps that use countdown timers to boost the store conversion rate. These can be used at various points along the checkout funnel. The two apps are the Countdown Timer as well as the Cart Reserved Timer.

Create urgency and increase conversion rate using a countdown timer for all your discounted products

  • Create urgency to increase conversion rate;
  • Display a different, randomly-generated expiration date for each product;
  • You are able to only show the countdown timer on Discounted Products;
  • Choose different themes;
  • Choose different colors – background and text;
  • Translate in the language you want.

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