Currency Converter

The useful Currency Converter feature is just one of the other 40 great Apps and is a must-have if you're selling to a wider audience, worldwide, or if you intend to do it in the near future.

This multi-currency app automatically convert prices into local currency using geo-location.

For example, if you're selling to France, the prices are changed automatically in Euros, while if you sell in Sweden, in Krowns.

The app is integrated with Shopify Payments Multiple Currencies, providing the best-updated conversion rates.

Automatically convert prices in local currency using geo-location. Integrated with Shopify Payments Multiple Currencies.

  • Converts the prices in a local currency, based on geolocation;
  • Prices are updated often, with accuracy;
  • Increases sales and trust in your store, as the prices are easy to grasp to your awesome Shopify clients
  • Easy to implement, customizable, as most of VITALS's apps;
  • You can edit your store's default currency in your Shopify admin;
  • Display your store's currency in a dropdown, allowing your customers to select another currency. Once selected, that currency will be saved as default for that customer;
  • You can choose if you want to round up the decimals, or not;
  • Let your customers know that they will be charged in your store's currency so that they'll be aware there might be exchange rate differences;
  • If you enable multiple currencies in Shopify Payments, they will automatically be supported by VITALS. 

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