Instant Search

The Instant Search app from VITALS is a very powerful and useful feature, out of 40+ more, that you need to be implementing in your store that makes life much easier for your clients, and the browsing takes a new dimension.

The Instant Search app will make it possible for the clients to use the predictive search feature, as well as to highlight the most popular keywords. This helps your visitors, soon to be clients, to navigate your store very easily and thus buy more.

With this (yet another) awesome Shopify VITALS App you can even choose to hide out of stock products or to show the Review Star Rating Snippets to further enhance the experience for your visitors.

Help visitors instantly find the products they're looking for by using predictive search and displaying frequent searches

  • Instant and SMART search for your awesome clients - find anything, fast!
  • Using predictive search features delivers better and faster results, which, in turn, increases the turnover of the Shopify store;
  • Highlights the popular keywords;
  • Choose if you want to hide out of stock products from the results;
  • Show the review star rating snippets to further enhance the experience of your visitors;
  • Show or hide reviews snippets;
  • Fully translatable;
  • Choose the product background color.

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