Payment Logos

As the title smartly suggests, this VITALS app helps you further gain the trust of your customers, by displaying beautiful, high resolution, Payment Logos wherever you like on your super Shopify store.

The "VITALS - Payment Logos" is just one of the 40+ apps VITALS has to offer, for only $29.99/month, 30 days free.

These Shopify Payment Logos from VITALS reassure your awesome clients that they can shop safely with their preferred method of buying. There are two different layout options, you just have to pick your favorite, not to mention a VERY wide collection of logos.

As usual with VITALS apps, these are also easy to position on your Shopify Store pages.

 Build trust by letting your visitors know that you are accepting a wide assortment of payment methods

  • High-Quality Large-Resolution logos;

  • Wide Collection of Logos from the most known brands;

  • 2 different Layout Options for you to pick from;

  • 8 different logos;

  • 15 great badges;

  • Fine-tune the position & color of the logos;

  • Increase Visitors Trust, earn more, be happier;

  • Easy Positioning on the Shopify Store Page;

  • Fully Customizable, as usual for VITALS apps

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