Out of these 40+ apps, Pop-ups are a very useful one that definitely may help you in many ways - capture emails from your clients, increase sales, promote discounts, and other juicy offers. 

As you may know, the pop-ups apps can serve plenty of purposes - your imagination is the limit! You are going to definitely grab your customers' attention, increase visitor retention when they move over the X button, offer incentives, discounts through pop-ups in your Shopify Store.

You are also able to use the VITALS pop-ups as a promotion tool for certain HOT products in your store, or, why not, use the pop-ups on certain pages and/or at a certain time to capture emails for your database.

Capture more leads and prevent cart abandonment by displaying automatic and exit-intent customizable pop-ups

  • Capture Visitors Emails and send them juicy and great newsletters;
  • Promote Products according to your needs;
  • Offer Discount Codes and prices;
  • Multiple Layouts & Themes that blend on your Shopify Store's Design;
  • Adjustable Trigger Mechanisms - launch the pop-ups whenever you want them to. Experiment with it, see how to sell more on your Shopify store;
  • Show pop-ups every X page views;
  • Display the same pop-up again after X hours
  • You can choose if you wish to show the pop-up on the cart page also.

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