The Pre-orders App from VITALS is a must-have application if you want to get more sales, even prior to having the product in your store.

Do not leave your products with the "out of stock" notice. That's not sexy at all! Give your Shopify customers the pre-order possibility and watch your sales skyrocket.

This VITALS Shopify App allows you to basically increase the revenue by allowing visitors to pre-order the products that are either on their way or are still out of stock. In doing so, you keep a steady flow of income in your pockets, regardless of the availability of your displayed products.

Your customers will not see the dreaded "out of stock" notice and they will be happy to know that your Shopify Store is always there to serve their needs and desires.

Increase revenues by allowing visitors to pre-order products that are either out of stock or not yet released

  • Your clients are able to order out of stock or not yet available products;

  • Custom ATC Button & Message visually stunning;

  • Pre-Orders Displayed in App;

  • Tag Pre-Orders in Shopify;

  • Pre-Order Note in Cart so that your clients know what to expect;

  • Very useful individual Product Information;

  • Only product variants with the "Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock" checkbox turned on will have a pre-order button;

  • Custom settings for specific products;

  • Let your clients know when they can expect the pre-ordered product.

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