Product Bundles

This app's primary purpose is your main purpose - increase sales and conversion rates through an easy and tested method.

By displaying Product Bundles in your store, you highlight popular product sets to your visitors and soon to be clients. You're allowing them to quickly purchase them together, as well as exposing them to more products that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This leads to an increase in your average order size and value.

What's even better is that the discounts are generated automatically and you can VERY easy create unlimited product bundles in your Shopify store.

 Increase Conversions and decrease cart abandonment by offering popular product sets

  • Discounts are Generated Automatically in your Shopify Store;
  • 1-click Bundle Add-to-Cart equals much faster checkout;
  • Cart Up-sell Suggestions that really help;
  • Unlimited Product Bundles. Experiment!
  • Easily exclude the products you want from bundles;
  • Show upsell suggestions in the cart for product lines matching the module settings.
  • Translatable in different languages;
  • Show the stars from the Product Reviews module;
  • Discounts are calculated and applied on the dedicated cart page, instead of drawer / pop-up / dynamic carts;
  • Percentage or fixed discounts – it's up to you;

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