Product Description Tabs

If your product descriptions are long or they include large blocks of text that spread across multiple collections or items, you might consider upgrading the style of your product description to a tabbed one.

This way, you can keep your customers focused on a specific part of the product description while helping them navigate and easily discover other important bits of information such as:

  • ingredients or technical specs
  • instructions
  • shipping & returns
  • size chart
  • Q&A's

Improve usability by using tabs, created, and assigned to groups of products or auto-generated based on descriptions.

  • Automated tabs are based on your product description. The app splits your content into different tabs;
  • Choose the tab orientation;
  • You may keep the first tab visible (open) on page load, instead of having all tabs closed;
  • Choose from 6 different themes;
  • If you want, reviews will be displayed on a tab near the product description, instead of the original location on the page;
  • You can customize the look & feel of your review snippet displayed in the title of the reviews tab.

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