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Back in the days, there was no easy way to quickly access the product page you were currently checking on your store.

You needed to go back into your Shopify admin, search for the product, and click to edit it. We've seen the opportunity to improve the merchant experience so we've added this feature to Shopify.

The app detects you (the store owner) are logged into Shopify and offers a range of shortcuts based on the page you are currently on. It allows you to quickly access your pages, product pages, collections, theme, apps, and, of course, your VITALS admin.

 Quickly access the most important sections of your Shopify Admin using this bar that only appears when you are logged in

  • Quickly access different sections of your Shopify Admin;
  • Automatically detects if you are the store owner/if you are logged into Shopify;
  • Fast access to your pages, product pages, collections, themes, apps, and VITALS admin.

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