Recent Sales Notifications

Recent Sales Notifications is yet another great Shopify feature from VITALS. This particular app is another great way to increase customer's trust in your Shopify store, by displaying notifications regarding the most recent sales that took place in your vibrant Shopify Store.

Social proof for Shopify businesses is and will be one of the most important aspects if you wish to increase sales for your Website. You can easily increase it by displaying the real notifications of real customers who have already bought products from you - and they are so content and happy with the experience you're providing them.

VITALS lets you use plenty of Social Proof & Trust apps, all for one price, and with 30 days of free testing.

Create social proof by showing notifications regarding your recent orders and products being added to the cart.

  • Display Real Orders from Real and happy customers;
  • Multiple Themes & Layouts to choose from.
  • Increase Visitors Trust, increase sales, increase your days of holiday;
  • Fully Customizable - 18 different themes to choose from;
  • Choose when the notifications should appear on the screen, how long should it stay, delays between the notifications, and plenty more;
  • Show notifications for products added to the cart. This is especially useful if you don't have orders yet but you still want to show the activity on your store;
  • Show grouped add to cart events;
  • Show the customer's location or even their names;
  • Show when the order was placed;
  • You can also hide notifications for certain products. 

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