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VITALS Related Products Shopify App (one of the 40+ offered by VITALS) is a great application for your store which gives you the possibility to have a showcase with Related Products on your product page; this is a GREAT way of displaying and promoting more of your products - the way!

This is a very easy way to implement cross-selling and thus gives you a lot more visibility to your otherwise harder to find products. Having a Related Products showcase section on your product page is a great way of displaying and promoting more of your products.

You can show Related Products and add conditions like related by collections, tags, type, or browsing behavior of your clients.

Increase average order value by recommending products based on previous purchases or different algorithms.

  • The way, by Shopify's VITALS - add the related products to your already vibrant store;
  • Increase sales through this easy method of cross-selling;
  • Display the products which are harder to find and put them in the deserved spotlight;
  • Easy to install and highly customizable;
  • Add conditions like related by tags, type of products, collections, or even browsing behavior of the clients;
  • Show the variants selector and "Add to Cart" button - Enable this to show the Product Variant selector and the Add to Cart button below each product in the Related Products section;
  • Set The background color of the price tag on discounted products;
  • Fully translatable in different languages.

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