SEO Alt Tags

Improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not always an easy task, as the algorithms behind web-crawlers like Google are very sophisticated, but there are ways to help improve your SEO ranking, and adding Alt-tags to your images is one of them.

With the SEO Alt-Tags app, you will be able to automatically add alt-tags to all of your product images, with useful tags like your store's name, plus the product's title or vendor, so that it contains the most relevant information and helps get the images indexed easier.

Rank better in Google Image Search and get more qualified visitors by adding ALT tags to your images.

  • Define the preferred format for the ALT tags;
  • Update all product image ALT tags;
  • You only need to sync your images one time, because Shopify automatically notifies us when you add new images, and we update them in real-time (when this app is enabled);
  • Once you're done choosing the information that will be added to the alt-tags, all you need to do is click the Update products button, and let the app add the alt-tags.

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