Shipping Information

The Shipping Information app from VITALS is a great instrument for clearly displaying the shipping times to your valuable visitors.

Using this Shopify app, the customers will always know how long it will take for the product to reach their destination and it makes this as much transparent as possible. This is a very important step for the clients to feel more compelled to press the checkout button.

You can use an infinite amount of shipping rates - as you set them in Shopify and this great Shopify Application from VITALS is retrieving them directly from there. You might have multiple rates, like standard shipping, free standard shipping, premium shipping, and free premium shipping, this app will be embedding them all on your storefront. You just need to set up the General shipping profiles and they will be displayed in the app.

Prevent cart abandonment by letting visitors know how much it would take and cost to ship the products to their location.

  • Your clients will know upfront the shipping times, thus increasing conversions and trust in your store;
  • Use how many shipping rates you want - premium, standard shipping, free premium shipping, etc. The VITALS app will show them all to your clients!
  • You can manage the rates easily from the app depending on the countries of choice;
  • Easy to set up, you'll be familiar with it in no time;
  • You can edit your text that is shown in the shipping info snippet;
  • Change the colors of the Shipping Info snippet to adapt it to your design;
  • Shipping Zones - This data is pulled automatically from your Shopify shipping settings. You can add a new shipping zone if you want to.

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