Social Media Buttons

The Shopify app "Social Media Buttons" by VITALS, one of the 40+ ones, is a great way to let your visitors know that you are present and vibrant in their social media of choice.

This greatly helps boost their trust in your products, and this leads to more sales in your Shopify store. Simply add the URLs of your social media channels, activate the app and they'll show up on your store. Easy peasy, another one from those 40+ apps from VITALS, one of the leading Shopify apps.

The icons are customizable and you can set them almost wherever you want in your gorgeous store.

Boost social proof by letting your visitors know you're present on their social media channel of choice.

  • These social media buttons for your Shopify Store let your visitors know that you are present on those social media channels they are frequenting as well;
  • Boosts trust in your Shopify store. Seeing all the commotion on social media and also positive reviews, your visitors will become clients much faster;
  • As with almost all of VITALS apps, the icons are highly customizable and you can set different designs to the icons;
  • Choose where to display the social media buttons in your store; align it as you wish to;
  • Only social networks with a valid link will be displayed in your store.

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