Sticky Add to Cart

VITALS - Sticky Add to Cart is one of the best Shopify Apps that increase conversion rates in your great store by constantly reminding your clients of the magic "buy now" and "cart" button.

The main purpose of this particular VITALS app, one out of 40+ it has, is to generate more sales by constantly displaying a "sticky" add to cart button when the visitors are scrolling through your gorgeous Shopify Store.

This constantly encourages people to buy from you or not to forget the items they've added to cart, thus maximizing sales and minimizing the abandoned cart rate.

Improve conversion rate by displaying a sticky add to cart bar when the visitors are scrolling down.

  • Sticky cart button that follows your awesome clients everywhere, constantly reminding them of their purpose there. To buy and be happy;
  • One-click buy greatly improves sales in your Shopify Store;
  • Easy to optimize and it can be easily set up as well;
  • You can customize the sticky add to cart differently on desktop and/or mobile devices;
  • Show the stars from the Product Reviews module;
  • VITALS can automatically adapt the styling of the Sticky Add to Cart button to match the look and feel of your main Add to Cart button from the product page.

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