Stock Scarcity

One of the 40+ apps in VITALS, can be used to let the customers know when a product is in low stock, thus creating FOMO - fear of missing out, and urgency. This, in turn, leads to more sales, as the customers feel the urge to buy, not to miss the great offer.

The app always shows the real inventory level through the [stock] tag, which retrieves the stock from Shopify's API, as Shopify doesn't allow fake information.

As with all of VITALS apps for Shopify Stores, you can control various features on the Stock Scarcity one as well. For example, The Stock Urgency is displayed based on your product's inventory. You can control what pages it is displayed, setting the maximum inventory in the app's settings.

Create urgency by letting your customers know that the inventory is running low on the products they're currently browsing

  • Displays the stock of your merchandise in your Shopify Store;
  • Creates urgency when the stock is running low;
  • Increases the Fear of Missing Out feeling and thus the sales/conversion rates;
  • You can control what particular pages you want the Stock Scarcity to be displayed;
  • Fully customize the message that lets your clients know the stock is low;
  • Set the low stock threshold;
  • Fully customizable colors;
  • The colored bar that creates urgency as the stock decreases. 

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