Trust Seals and Badges

 Trust Seals and Badges help you further gain the trust of your clients. This particular Shopify App not only increases trust in your beautiful store but also is an eye-catcher!

Using the Trust Seals & Badges app you will be able to display lots of high-quality badges and seals on your store, which will help elevate your Shopify store to the next level! There are plenty of badges and seals to choose from, highly customizable, and easy to implement, even if you're still a rookie in eCommerce or/and Shopify.

The resolution of all the badges is high, without compromising on your Shopify Store's speed. There are seven different layout options to choose from, giving you a well-deserved diversity in customization.

Increase trust and conversion rate with premium, professionally-designed badges that match your store's look and feel

  • High-Quality Large-Resolution;

  • Wide Collection of Badge Types;

  • 7 different Layout Options each with four different badges;

  • Increase Visitors Trust, increase Sales!

  • Easy Positioning on Pages;

  • Fully Customizable;

  • This app works with all themes available in the Shopify Theme Store (both free and paid) so we try to automatically place this app in the best-recommended location

  • 28 different awesome badges to choose from;

  • Fine-tune your Trust Badges – position, spaces, size, etc.

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