Visitor Replays

Visitor Replays is a terrific way to see what works and what not in your store.

This Shopify app allows you to see what visitors are doing in your store, by following them LIVE or, later on, recordings of their activity. This way you are able to see the heatmap of your store, see whether several pages are not as visited as you'd like and if worse, your potential client gets stuck on a page and doesn't carry on with the order.

You can make very informed decisions based on the data provided by this VITALS Visitor Replays app, in a very easy to read manner.

 Watch real recordings of your visitors to your store, to make informed decisions that improve your conversion rate

  • See exactly what's the "roadmap" of your clients in your store. Check them LIVE or recorded - whatever suits your needs;
  • Take actions according to REAL data. Solve the pages where your clients are stuck, improve them all!
  • See a detailed heatmap of the store. Where do your clients read more carefully? Do they seem confused in your Shopify Store? See al this, fast and easy;
  • Easy to install and to follow;
  • You can upgrade the storage to store even more replays;
  • The app doesn't record the session like a screen recording - it captures the original HTML that was shown to the visitor, as well as any changes to the DOM plus user input like mouse movement, scroll and touch events. 

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