Volume Discounts

The Volume Discounts Shopify feature from VITALS is a great and useful app that really helps you increase sales in your store through the old and tested method of quantity discount. The more your client buys, the more he or she saves!

This is a proven working method to increase sales, a core upsell feature that ANY store should implement - fast. It also helps that it comes from VITALS, which offers 40+ OTHER apps you could use, enhancing your store and having more sells. What's best is that you can use this application even if you have a one-product store on Shopify! If a client buys TWO items instead of one, he can save money.

This is a core feature you should take advantage of, regardless of the vertical or products you're offering in your great Shopify Store.

Increase sales and average order value by motivating your visitors to buy a larger quantity in exchange for a volume discount

  • Increase Conversions. This is what you want, right? More sales!
  • Discounts Generated Automatically, so no extra work for you;
  • 1-click Quantity Tier Add-to-Cart;
  • Cart Up-sell Suggestions that can really increase sales in Shopify stores;
  • Multiple Layouts & Styles so that it matches your stores';
  • Unlimited Groups of Discounts;
  • Fully Customizable, as most of VITALS apps;
  • You can exclude products you don't want - products selected will not receive automatically generated Volume Discounts. Groups are not affected by these exclusions;
  • Fully translatable in your preferred language;
  • Discount type by percentage or fixed;

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