Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune from VITALS is yet another best Shopify Apps when it comes to capture your visitor's attention and sell more in your online store.

With this flashy Wheel of Fortune app, you can offer visitors (soon to be full-pledged shoppers) incentives such as discounts or even FREE products, in order to increase conversion rates and create recurrent customers.

In doing so, you're also getting the eMails of your customers, using them for newsletters in the future, and thus improving your bottom line even more.

The Wheel of Fortune is a FUN Shopify App, gamification style, an interactive way to engage with your visitors and offer them a great incentive to make their first purchase. And afterward, the sky is the limit. So start selling more in your Shopify Store!

Capture more leads and offer discount codes to boost conversion rate with this highly interactive pop-up

  • Capture Visitor Emails. And their hearts!

  • Offer Discount Codes, sell more;

  • Bot Filter (CAPTCHA). We don't like those bots;

  • Multiple Layouts & Themes that match and capture your store look & feel;

  • Adjustable Trigger Mechanisms;

  • Fully Customizable as per most of VITALS Shopify 40+ Apps;

  • Collected email addresses are automatically sent to Shopify, in your customer list. All leads are tagged with VITALS;

  • You can also¬†connect third-party services¬†such as MailChimp or Klaviyo to have emails automatically sent there too;

  • Decide when and how the wheel appears to your clients;

  • Fully translatable content;

  • Enable GDPR for your European customers.

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