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Welcome pop-ups are a great way to grab attention & collect emails by showing immediate benefits to visitors.
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Promote new products with a brief message on welcome pop-ups

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Most first time visitors don’t buy

Try to convert their first visit to your store into a long term
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Send them updates on offers, new products, festive discounts directly
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Reduce Cart Abandonement

Take the customers back to their abandoned cart by showing immediate 

Speedup checkouts by offering discounts to customers leaving 
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How Pop-ups App Works

Key Features of Popups

Capture visitor emails and send them your newsletter

Promote new products

Offer discount codes

Select from multiple layouts & themes that blend with your store design

Show the pop-ups to the right customers at the right time

Show pop-ups after every X page views

Show the same pop-up again after X hours

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ARG Clothing

"Best app ever. Everything you need for building a webshop in one app. It saves a lot of money and they have some good new apps on the way."

Jasmine Itar

Jasmine Itar

Mindful Intentions

"It had all of the apps that I had been looking for plus some that I had never considered! Not only that, but they include how-to videos to help in setting up & understanding each sub-app within. They are constantly adding new features and are also very open to hearing what their customers are looking for."

James Wilkin

James Wilkin

Tan and Cheek

"The customer service from Vitals is 100% next level, I submitted a query on the app and with 30 minutes I got a response and within 1.5 hours the query was fixed. Thanks, Vitals, one happy customer here."

Kerstine Khalil

Kerstine Khalil

Valley Candle Co.

“This app has so many added features, it helps take my website to the next level! Worth every penny! Super user friendly even for a novice like me and their customer support is top notch.”

Jerome Stover

Jerome Stover

Professor Mouthpiece

"There are so many (over 40) apps that are very easy to turn on and off or customize as needed. Vitals is really helping my store with tools to increase conversions, raise the average order value, and to build trust with my customers."

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