Boost Sales, Reduce Abandoned Carts & Capture Visitors’ Email With Our Wheel of Fortune App

Motivate first time visitors to stay a little longer on your website & persuade them to buy with a fun wheel offering discounts.

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Wheel of fortune can help you grow your email list by 900%.

Vitals | Wheel of Fortune

Improve Customer Experience

Customers get instant adrenaline rush with attractive discounts that
 keeps them hooked.

You can use different styles or themes to make it more fun.
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Reduce Bounce Rate

Grab visitor attention within the first few seconds of their visit 
to your online store.

Motivate visitors to buy from your store for the first time with 
a fun wheel offering heavy discounts.
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Vitals | Wheel of Fortune
Vitals | Wheel of Fortune

Increase Conversions

First time visitors can easily claim their prizes & make their first
purchase from your store.

Customers can avail discounts & buy more products
 than they initially planned.
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Improve Customer Retention

Use customer emails to send offers, discounts or new product 
updates directly in the inbox.

Keep customers connected with your store by sending them
nurturing emails frequently.
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Vitals | Wheel of Fortune

How Wheel of Fortune App Works

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Key Features of the Wheel of Fortune App

  • Capture visitors’ email
  • Offer discount codes & sell more
  • Filter bots using Google's reCAPTCHA
  • Multiple layouts & themes available to match your store theme
  • Adjustable trigger mechanisms
  • Fully customizable
  • Collected email addresses are automatically sent to Shopify (your customer list). All leads are tagged with VITALS
  • You can also connect third-party services such as MailChimp or Klaviyo to receive emails automatically in you customer list
  • Decide the wheel timings & position yourself
  • You can easily translate the content
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Vitals | Wheel of Fortune

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It was very easy


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James Wilkin - Tan and Cheek

James Wilkin

Tan and Cheek

"The customer service from Vitals is 100% next level, I submitted a query on the app and with 30 minutes I got a response and within 1.5 hours the query was fixed. Thanks, Vitals, one happy customer here."

Kerstine Khalil - Valley Candle Co

Kerstine Khalil

Valley Candle Co.

“This app has so many added features, it helps take my website to the next level! Worth every penny! Super user friendly even for a novice like me and their customer support is top notch.”

Jasmine Itar - Mindful Intentions

Jasmine Itar

Mindful Intentions

"It had all of the apps that I had been looking for plus some that I had never considered! Not only that, but they include how-to videos to help in setting up & understanding each sub-app within. They are constantly adding new features and are also very open to hearing what their customers are looking for."

Jerome Stover Professor Mouthpiece

Jerome Stover

Professor Mouthpiece

"There are so many (over 40) apps that are very easy to turn on and off or customize as needed. Vitals is really helping my store with tools to increase conversions, raise the average order value, and to build trust with my customers."

Shailesh - ARG Clothing


ARG Clothing

"Best app ever. Everything you need for building a webshop in one app. It saves a lot of money and they have some good new apps on the way."

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