How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify

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Eager to know how to add Instagram feed to Shopify?

It’s hard to get any far in the online marketing world without the help of Shopify. The tools and apps they provide just make the games a whole lot easier. And one such hidden treasure is the Shoppable Instagram Feed by Vitals for Shopify. As you may already know, online business stores need a vivid social media presence to succeed. Keeping everyone updated at all times is one of the best ways to attract customers.

And Instagram is unequivocally the perfect platform for achieving that. It’s all about the advertisements and promotions. The more you can show off your products in an alluring way, the more you’ll continue to turn heads.

As a result, if you have a Shopify store, integrating it with Instagram can benefit you a lot. You can double the impact with half the effort. So, let’s find out how to add Shoppable Instagram Feed to Shopify then, shall we?

Shoppable Instagram Feed For Shopify – Features

how to add instagram feed to shopify

What’s the Shoppable Instagram Feed, after all? How does it work to affect your marketing strategies via Shopify? These are the questions newbies often keep wondering about. 

Well, the job of the Shoppable Instagram Feed is to always keep the Instagram posts on display. Think of it as your advertisement board. You can put on whatever you’d like however you’d like to promote your store.

So, every time someone visits your store, they will find the Instagram posts on display. And that can help them to find out about different offers as well.

how to add instagram feed to shopify

For instance – you can make lucrative posts on Instagram about how you’re doing a giveaway for New Year’s Eve. When potential customers visit your Shopify Store, that’s the post they will see right away.

And who knows? The offer just might influence them enough to look around and buy something. That’s the whole point of strategies like these.

So, by showing the Instagram post on the homepage, you can end up making a profit! And more recognition as well if you can keep up with the marketing campaigns. But that’s a far more complex topic for another day.

Meanwhile, let’s check out the specific features of the Shoppable Instagram Feed for Shopify –

  • Provides both image and video support. So, you can show off the GIFs as well.
  • Doesn’t have any compatibility issues with any devices. The same goes for Shopify themes.
  • Doesn’t discriminate against mobile or PC homepages. The posts will automatically adjust themselves to fit the screen of your respective device.
  • Fully customizable feature. You can add as much space between the posts, fix the rows or columns, include new titles, colors, etc.
  • You can link up the posts to provide easy access to the Instagram account through automatic synchronization
  • Doesn’t affect the page speed, nor do the posts inject any additional code.

If you weren’t satisfied already, know that you can use the Shoppable Instagram Feed for free for a whole month! Test out the waters to check if the app is to your likings. 

Why You Should Get Our Shoppable Instagram Feed

Vitals has many different apps for Shopify store owners, but the Shoppable Instagram Feed is one of the easiest ways to display your products. The smooth interface and convenient responsiveness of the app will make your social media game stronger. 

  • You can show off the likes of your Instagram posts to influence customers
  • You can create a Shoppable Instagram Feed, i.e., attach product links and descriptions alongside the posts
  • By adding multiple feeds, you can make your store much more interactive

How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add the Shoppable Instagram Feed to Shopify.

How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify – Step 1: Install The Instagram Feed App

Like most features of Shopify, you can get the Instagram Feed feature via the Vitals app. The Shoppable Instagram Feed by Vitals is easy to integrate into your store, and can be up and running within minutes! 

You can directly find Vitals over at the Shopify App store as well. Once you find it, just click on ‘add app’ to proceed to the next step of the way. 


With Vitals integrated into the mix, you can enjoy using all of its 40+ unique apps, including the Instagram feed!


And it’s completely free for 30 days. To enjoy its exclusive benefits, you can opt for its low-priced monthly plan of only $29.99! 

how to add instagram feed to shopify

How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify – Step 2: Log-In To Your Shopify Account

After you click on the ‘add app’ option, a pop-up may appear if you haven’t logged in already. No worries. Just copy-paste your store’s URL in the pop-up box.

And then click on ‘login’ to complete the process. If everything’s right, the installation will begin immediately.

How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify – Step 3: Connect The Instagram Account

Well, it takes two to tango, after all. After logging in to the Shopify Admin, you have to connect the Instagram account and integrate it with your Shopify account.

how to add instagram feed to shopify

To do that, go to your Shopify Admin Panel. Scroll down to the app dashboard. Click on that, and you’ll see the newly installed Shoppable Instagram Feed app. 

After clicking on it, another pop-up will appear telling you to connect an Instagram account. The rest seems pretty straightforward, no?

how to add instagram feed to shopify

Fun fact: You can also customize the looks and style of your feed. Explore that later on when you’ve properly set everything up.

how to add instagram feed to shopify

How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify – Step 4: Add Shoppable Instagram Feed To Your Homepage

The last step will let you connect your posts to your homepage, so just follow the steps below – 

  • Click on “Posts”
  • Scroll down to the products you want to display on your store homepage, and click “Add Products”how to add instagram feed to shopify
  • Click on the product that pops up, and add your desired “tag” on it. For example, you can type ‘shirts’ for a tee, so that your chosen product falls under that categoryhow to add instagram feed to shopify
  • Once that’s out of the way, click “Enable this app” on the top right corner of your dashboard how to add instagram feed to shopify
  • Lastly, head back to your store homepage and refresh it. The newly added product will be displayed in your Shoppable Instagram Feed automatically! How easy was that? 

And that’s it. You now have a fully operational feed for your Shopify Store. Don’t forget to make new content for your Instagram account to keep the store refreshed and updated at all times.

Final Words

So, what do you think of the Shoppable Instagram Feed for Shopify after all that? Seems like a pretty neat feature, no? 

In a marketing world as competitive as ours, you need all the help that you can get. Fortunately, that’s where Shopify shines. Hence, no more waiting around! 


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