6 Unique Ecommerce Klaviyo Alternatives To Get More Sales [An In-Depth Comparison]

Apr 13, 2021 | Shopify | 0 comments

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Browsing for Klaviyo alternatives again & looking for tools that are affordable to you?

We get it. Finding an email marketing solution for online merchants that’s both effective and affordable is hard — this research took us more time than we anticipated.

However, we managed to find a couple of pretty solid alternatives for Klaviyo in the end!

You’ve probably heard of some of these before, but here we make a detailed comparison so you can make an informed decision.

We’ve picked the following tools:

  1. Vitals
  2. Omnisend
  3. GetResponse integration
  4. Privy – Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS
  5. ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing Automation
  6. Drip

All of these Klaviyo alternatives are top-tier, but they’re not made equal. To rank them, we’ve used these criteria:

  • Feature score
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support
  • Pricing
  • Aesthetics

Need answers right away? Here’s TL;DR:

Choose Vitals if you understand that sending emails and creating popups is only a small segment of the overall customer experience. Vitals offers 40+ useful apps in one, helping you deliver the perfect experience at a single, cost-effective, monthly fee.

Choose Omnisend if you’re looking for a user-friendly solution with pre-made automation workflows to handle emails like a champ. Its drag-and-drop automation editor is packed with welcome emails, cart abandonment, order/shipping confirmation, transactional emails, cross-selling and more.

Choose GetResponse integration if you’re looking for an all-rounder that will help you at any stage of your business and will scale with you flawlessly. Additionally, you’re not going to lack any features that other alternatives offer.

Choose Privy if you’re a small business looking to make use of pop-ups, basic newsletter campaigns, cart abandonment campaigns without it taking a toll on your pocket.

Choose Email Marketing Automation by ActiveCampaign if you’re past the basics, and advanced segmentation, personalization (and 850+ integrations) is your thing, and you know how to make it work for you.

Choose Drip if you’re looking to connect order management with the marketing system at a customer level and spice things up with an effective combo of personalization and automation.

Looking for a visual comparison? You can find a short version here and a complete version at the bottom of the article.

free and best klaviyo alternative comparison

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

Have more time to spare and get into details?

Let’s dive deeper.

Klaviyo Alternative #1: Vitals – One App To Rule Them All

Klaviyo alternative - Vitals

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

With more than 40 apps packed in one, Vitals gives you everything you need to increase revenue, conversions and build trust with your audience.

Let’s take a look at what makes Vitals so loved and popular, with a 5.0-star rating on the Shopify App Store! 🤩

What we like about Vitals

First of all, with Vitals, you get more for a lot less.

We compared our solution to gathering a stack of single-purpose apps — and this is how much you’re saving to get the same results:

There’s more to Vitals you’ll like:

  • Ease of use — one-click install/ uninstall, no coding required for any action, and extensive theme compatibility. Vitals works with all themes in Shopify Theme Store and dozens of others. For custom themes, the Vitals team is ready to assist ASAP, making things easy for beginners.
  • Email/ Push Marketing features — a perfect way to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales. There are 3 funnels that help you achieve that: “Thanks for subscribing,” abandoned cart, and “thanks for making a purchase.” Add the necessary elements with this badass, easy-to-use editor, or tweak some of the 20 pre-made, modern templates.
  • Flawless in-app functionality — as all the apps you get belong to a single solution, you may expect them to work like clockwork. Pop-ups never overlap, Currency Converter converts prices, discounts, and bundles alike — all the features interact without errors and glitches.
  • Swift customer support teamwhat we’re loved for; our reps go above and beyond to answer all your questions instantaneously. Our stats for December 2020 show that the Vitals support team answered 98% of all the questions within 3 hours (even on Sundays).
  • Keeping things fast — Vitals only loads the apps you’ve activated; no matter how many apps within Vitals you use, your site will load quickly. Optimized code and advanced caching capabilities reinforce the page loading speed; it is one of the critical success factors, and it’s super important to us.
Vitals all about speed

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

  • TrustConversionsRevenue — Vitals is a one-stop-shop. Convey trustworthiness by showing Payment Logos, Product Reviews, Trust Seals & Badges. With the help of Countdown Timer, Stock Scarcity, and Cart Reserved Timer, FOMO kicks in and increases conversions. Top it off with Upsell Builder, Pre-Orders, and Related Products (and more) features, and your revenue will grow like weeds.
  • Klaviyo integration — we are aware that Klaviyo is really good, and you might not want to part ways with it just yet. That’s why we enabled full Klaviyo integration: a more comfortable solution than making an instant switch.

Some limitations with Vitals

Obviously, every tool has limitations.

Vitals might not work for you if you are looking for videos or SOC2 compliance:

  • No video reviews (yet) — because people love seeing stuff in action, we’re working on it; for now, photo reviews are at your customers’ disposal.
  • No SOC2 and SLA compliance — this makes it unavailable for enterprise-level ecommerce stores (although Vitals is GDPR compliant)

Vitals pricing

Vitals pricing

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

No hidden fees or restrictive plans: Vitals is usage-based, and you get everything starting from $29.99.

If you’re currently using multiple apps that you see Vitals also offering, a simple switch could prove to be a worthy investment that saves you money every month.

The free trial lasts for 30 days.

Who should choose Vitals?

It’s best for companies in the scaling stage looking for all-in-one marketing and sales app, wishing to increase the website speed. The businesses going from 0-$5mn will find our app to be perfectly suited for their needs.

Need a substantial number of apps to enhance the shopping experience and build trust with your customers, all while making pages load faster? Choose Vitals.

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

Klaviyo Alternative #2: Omnisend

Klaviyo alternative - Omnisend

Omnisend is a popular platform for ecommerce email and SMS marketing automation — with a 4.7-star rating and more than 3.800 reviews. ✨

This app helps you increase sales, not the workload, with the features listed below.

What we like about Omnisend

  • User-friendly interface — Omnisend is praised for a simple and intuitive platform, both for experienced and people new to email marketing.
  • Pre-made automation workflows — for welcome emails, cart abandonment, order/ shipping confirmation, transactional emails, cross-selling and more. It includes subject lines and messages as well. Even if you want to make your own, drag and drop Automation Editor makes it easy and code-free.
  • Reporting tools — the simplicity we mentioned extends all the way to reporting. Both advanced and easy to use, Omnisend’s reporting tools show you what’s working with the messaging and automation reports. You get to track the sales, data, and workflow performance without leaving the Automation Editor and tweak the settings as you go. This is where Omnisend goes in great detail: users love seeing what page visitors look at, in which order, and how they behave in real-time.
  • Customer targeting and segmentation — as Omnisend is designed primarily for ecommerce businesses, segmentation capabilities allow you to filter the audience with different purchase behaviors in mind. It’s based on data and customer lifecycle, so each customer gets personalized content and segments update in real-time.
Omnisend enables you to be hyper-personal
  • Email, SMS, Web Push Notifications — you have a variety of channels to engage the audience. Get more personal with SMS (or MMS), use WPNs for abandonment/ transactional messages/ reminders, and add it to email marketing strategy to build and drive extra sales.

What we don’t like about Omnisend

  • You’re restricted to 15,000 emails per month – 15,000 emails per month might sound a lot, but if you’ve got, say, 15,000 email subscribers, you can only send a single email per month. What’s worse, even the $99/mo plan sticks to the exact numbers, so you’ll have to contact them for custom packages to increase that limit.
  • You can’t compare channels against each other – Omnisend’s focus is to help you have an omnichannel presence. We were a little disappointed that we couldn’t compare performance between channels for pulling better insights.
  • Not many templates – If you’re creating custom templates, it’s not a huge deal. But, if you’re relying solely on templates for your creative email design, there are better Klaviyo alternatives.

Omnisend pricing

Omnisend pricing

Omnisend has generous 14-day free trials that let you explore all the features, but you are limited to sending 15k per month at most on a Pro plan.

A 22% discount is available for yearly billing plans.

Who should choose Omnisend?

Omnisend is great at a lot of things, for a lot of people.

With its automation workflows, decent reporting capabilities, email, SMS, and web push notifications, there’s a lot you can do with it.

Be careful, though. Many of its attractive features, once stacked, can be expensive on a monthly basis. It’s important to consider everything before making a more significant investment.

Klaviyo Alternative #3: GetResponse (integration)

GetResponse is an excellent all-rounder for email marketing that will help you make the most of your campaigns.

This recommendation is a bit different because it works through integration rather than a separate Shopify app. Other than that, you can utilize it regardless of whether you’re using Shopify at the moment or some other platform.

Powerful automation is one of its strongest sides: it’s powered by user behavior and works the data to come up with personalized, timely emails.

In addition to email marketing, core features include various kinds of sales funnels, landing page creators, webinars, and more — let’s have a closer look. 🕵️

What we like about GetResponse

  • Email marketing capabilities – GetResponse charges by contacts, so you can send as many emails as you want. Shoppable emails bring the products to recipients’ inbox directly from the store, perfectly timed. Use pre-made templates, or design your own.
  • Automation templates – powered by user data and tagging system that makes it easier to create individual contact profiles or group them. Set up the autoresponders and follow up/ nurture leads on your terms — plenty of integration options let you enrich the data for extra precision.
  • Conversion funnels – GetResponse is pretty easy to use, and you can create great conversion funnels even if you’ve never worked with them before. Opt-in funnels, lead magnets, webinars, and sales funnels, from ads to payment processing: all automated and smooth.
  • Webinars – Webinar Builder demands no downloads and works for up to 1.000 live attendees. GetResponse lets you customize the webinar URL, enable registration, choose subscription settings, and use built-in marketing tools to promote the webinar. It’s already integrated with your email list as well.
GetResponse Webinars
  • Web Push Notifications – these work on mobile and desktop and play an essential role in bringing people back to the website. Use them to reduce cart abandonment, post relevant information, promote new offers, or encourage signups. These don’t require email addresses, and you can look into WPN metrics and learn from audience behavior.

What we don’t like about GetResponse

  • Duplicate contacts issue – if you have the same contact on multiple email lists you wish to use, GetResponse will count each separately. This results in raised pricing and possible spam, as those duplicate contacts receive the same emails twice (or multiple times, depending on how many times they’re counted).
  • No membership/ affiliate funnels – It’s a feature that we believe many online entrepreneurs and coaches will appreciate and quickly utilize to grow their business. But again, no other alternative on the list offers it at the moment.
  • Difficult for enterprises to use – as your business grows, UI gets more cluttered, making it a little harder to manage at the enterprise level. Sadly, you only get a dedicated account manager with the MAX plan, and you’re not prioritized if something goes south (although their customer success team is outstanding).
  • Poor automation with the Basic plan – it has pretty limited automation capabilities, which is a shame because that’s what GetResponse does best.

GetResponse pricing

GetResponse pricing

GetResponse has highly flexible pricing plans that cater to all business sizes.📏

You get a 30-day free trial to test all of them, and, like most of the tools, it’s cheaper if you choose yearly (18% off) billing.

There are no free plans, and the cheapest one starts at $15/ month.

Who should choose GetResponse?

Online marketers, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers of mid-sized and large companies can benefit from using GetResponse. This tool saves time by taking great care of email marketing automation and conversion funnels without micromanagement.

Klaviyo Alternative #4: Privy — Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS

Klaviyo alternative - Privy

Privy is an excellent Klaviyo alternative as its primary aim is also to serve ecommerce businesses. With over 18,000+ five-star reviews, many agree that Privy has been essential to their email marketing success on Shopify.

We like Privy so much because, in our experience, it showed pretty reliable and easy to use.

Whether you need email marketing, exit popup, free shipping bar, abandoned cart, this Shopify app has you covered.

What we like about Privy

  • Intuitive to use – During our testing, many apps claim to be easy to use, but their navigation is confusing, visuals messed up, and we just lose a lot of time. This is not the case with Privy.
Privy dashboard
  • Excellent support team – While we’ve personally not had issues (or reasons) to test it out, we’ve gone over plenty of reviews that claim to have received help very fast.
  • Capturing emails is butter-smooth – You only have to follow their instructions, step by step, and you’ll get started in no time. It’s fantastic for beginners.
Creating your first popup in Privy
  • Make pop-ups that steal attention – That requires skills, of course! 😉Using its drag-and-drop builder, you can create good-looking pop-ups to match your branding and perfect the pop-up timing using advanced targeting and triggers to show the right message to the right person.

What we don’t like about Privy

  • Email templates could be more creative – While we’re not complaining, it would certainly be appreciated if they introduced new designs.
Privy email templates
  • It gets increasingly expensive as your email list grows – If you’re just starting out sub 5,000 page views per month, you’ll be using their free plan. That’s sweet. But if you have, say, 25,000 page views per month, it will set you back $70 per month.
  • Some have complained it slowed down their store – While we’ve personally not had this issue during our brief experimentation, some users reported it bloating their website, causing slower loading times. It’s worth taking into consideration and learning more about before investing.

Privy pricing

Privy pricing

Privy bases its pricing according to the number of page views you accumulate through the month.

Like Google, Privy defines a pageview as “an instance of a page being loaded in a browser.” Each time a page with Privy code loads on your site, it will count as a pageview.

It’s debatable whether that is desirable for you or not, but as you scale your email subscription, expect to pay additional costs.

There are three separate plans to choose from, and each has its pros and cons. It’s worth taking a look at it and deciding which is the right plan for you.

Who should choose Privy?

If you’re looking for a Shopify-first solution, with which you can utilize popups, email captures, and autoresponders (as well as a wheel of fortune and a lot more), it’s a good idea to try their free trial out and see if they’re the right fit.

If you’re looking to utilize personalized email at a higher level or create more complex customer segmentations, then it’s a good idea to explore other options first.

Klaviyo Alternative #5: AC Email Marketing Automation (by ActiveCampaign)

Klaviyo alternative - ActiveCampaign (AC Email Marketing Automation)

Active Campaign is a customer experience automation platform with exceptional email deliverability — Email Tool Tester’s March 2021 testing revealed a whopping 91%.

ActiveCampaign places a particular emphasis on advanced segmentation and personalization.

This and other email marketing features make it a worthy opponent to Klaviyo. 💪

What we like about AC Email Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign features
  • Plenty of email types – and they are optimized for mobile. There are existing templates available, so you can choose and adapt them to your needs for newsletters, campaigns, broadcasts, and more.
  • Advanced personalization – Active Campaign uses machine learning to pull and process the data, constantly improving the way you connect with your audience. Each target gets a specific email they’d find valuable, and dynamic content keeps them engaged.
  • Automated lead prioritization – auto-segmentation, lead scoring and win probability assign values to each lead and measure how likely it is to score a deal with them. These accounts are put first, so nothing is left to chance.
  • SMS marketing – schedule and send automated SMS to follow up, remind, notify, deliver coupon codes or confirmations, or encourage signups. Before that, collect the phone numbers with custom forms on the website, or import the existing contacts.
  • 850+ integrations – whatever comes to your mind is probably already on the list. 🤯

What we don’t like about AC Email Marketing Automation

AC Email Marketing Automation has some flaws you should consider before choosing it:

  • Quite expensive – while we wouldn’t claim it’s overpriced, AC Email Marketing Automation is definitely one of the most costly Klaviyo alternatives. The starter package is affordable, but you probably have more than 500 contacts and strive to get that list bigger. The most attractive features reside in more expensive pricing plans.
  • No shortcuts and templates – this isn’t a beginner’s toy: UI isn’t very intuitive and demands the user to be experienced in email marketing automation. You have to build everything from scratch and monitor it all the time, as there’s no notification if something goes wrong.
  • Lacking a free trial – it only lasts 14 days and restricts the features. For a tool this costly and robust, it’s not enough and can make the whole ordeal risky.

AC Email Marketing Automation pricing

AC email marketing automation pricing

Pricing starts with $15/ month for the Lite plan, including 500 contacts, and Price-lock guarantees that, provided you stick to the contact limit, your prices stay the same for at least two years from the signup date.

Another good thing is that Active Campaign doesn’t charge for inactive contacts, those who unsubscribe or bounce.

These you get for free:

  • Setup, migration, and implementation
  • Online training
  • 14-day trial

Who should choose AC Email Marketing Automation?

AC Email Marketing Automation focuses on larger ecommerce/ digital businesses and B2B companies that need to improve their customer relationship management. This tool automates menial tasks in a way that doesn’t take away from authenticity.

Klaviyo Alternative #6: Drip

Klaviyo alternative - Drip

Drip goes beyond traditional email marketing. They label themselves as ECRM: a CRM solution created for ecommerce businesses in particular. 🎯

Drip connects order management with the marketing system at a customer level and spices things up with an effective combo of personalization and automation.

Beautiful, customizable forms, pop-ups, social media ads, and more — these features below make Drip stand out.

What we like about Drip

  • Multichannel touchpoints – to reach out to customers wherever they are. You can deliver meaningful messages via email, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, grab attention with ads and pop-ups. This expands the reach on many levels, making your messages heard even when they’re offline or not checking their email.
  • Personalized emails – high-level personalization makes a bigger impact on recipients. In addition to General Content, you can add Dynamic Content to your emails: discounts, recommendations, return to cart, price drop, and more; no coding required.
  • SMS/ MMS marketing – Drip emphasizes SMS and MMS to complement email marketing efforts (similarly to AC Email Marketing Automation). You can add an SMS opt-in field to any Drip form and include them in the workflow: welcome texts, abandoned cart messages, coupon codes, time-sensitive offers, etc.
Drip - SMS/MMS marketing
  • Pre-built ecommerce workflows – users have a library of pre-built workflows to choose from: it only takes a few clicks to adapt them to your liking and run your campaigns. With a visual workflow builder, you can make your own and see how the steps connect.
  • Ecommerce integrations – connect with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Gumroad, and more — or out-of-the-box store with Drip API.

What we don’t like about Drip

  • Paying extra for SMS/MMS – these are not included in the package, you need to pay for them separately, and you can only use US numbers.
  • Inflated prices – Drip is not unique when compared to other Klaviyo alternatives, making their pricing too high for what it is, especially when we take the extra charges for SMS/MMS into account.
  • Subpar customer support – 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, only by email. If you use a $99/mo + plan, you can reach customer support via live chat in that same time frame. This makes the customer service availability inferior to most of the other Klaviyo alternatives. It is also worth mentioning that quite a few reviews claim customer service is absent and unhelpful.

Drip pricing

Drip pricing

Price grows with list: for up to 500 contacts, it costs $19 to get everything Drip offers. SMS and MMS need to be purchased separately: the minimum purchase amount is $15 — for 1.000 SMS or 500 MMS sends.

Free trial options are great — it lasts for 14 days, and it only differs from the paid plan in two things:

  • Email sends — 500 with a free trial, unlimited with a paid plan
  • SMS and MMS — unavailable with a free trial

You can also integrate Drip with other apps during the free trial.

Who should get Drip?

Drip is specifically built for ecommerce stores/B2C companies looking to increase sales by improving customer relationships. It makes it easier to reach out to people both online and offline.

Visual pricing and features comparison table

So you’ve made it this far. Awesome!

Here’s a visual comparison table converting core features in one place.

Klaviyo Alternatives complete comparison table

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

Still undecided? Here’s our recommendation.

Bonus Shopify Klaviyo alternative

If none of these interest you, we’ve included a bonus app for you to consider.

 AVADA Marketing Automation

Avada is a marketing automation tool that allows you to get started effortlessly, especially for people from a non-tech background. Not only is it possible to personalize messages to customers, but it allows you to raise brand awareness and measure these results through advanced reports.

Pick Omnisend if:

  • You’re into (or getting into) automation workflows and doing more than just the simplest email newsletters. Its drag-and-drop automation editor is easy and is packed with plenty of cool features, so you’ll have a ton to work with, in that regard.

Pick GetResponse integration if:

  • You’re looking for an all-rounder that will help you at any stage of your business and will scale with you flawlessly. Automation workflows? Check. Pop-ups? Check. You get the picture.

Pick Privy if:

  • You’re a small business looking to make use of pop-ups, basic newsletter campaigns, cart abandonment campaigns without it taking a toll on your pocket. That’s not to say you can’t do fantastic stuff with Privy, but its primary audience, in our opinion, is SMBs with not a lot of experience.

Pick Email Marketing Automation by ActiveCampaign if:

  • You’re past the basics, and advanced segmentation, personalization (and 850+ integrations) is your thing, and you know how to make it work for you. That’s not to say it’s hard to use. On the contrary, it’s relatively easy if you have some sort of experience.

Pick Drip if:

  • You’re looking to connect order management with the marketing system at a customer level and spice things up with an effective combo of personalization and automation. Not for everyone, but it could be your next favorite app.

Pick Vitals if:

  • You understand that sending emails and creating popups is only a small segment of the overall customer experience. Vitals offers 40+ useful apps in one, helping you deliver the perfect experience at a single, cost-effective, monthly fee.

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial.


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