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Looking to bundle products to sell slow-moving merch? What about a Shopify BOGO app featuring automation for customer nurturing?

There are plenty of Shopify apps available, and it’s hard to pick the right one.

Rest assured, we got your back.

We tested a bunch of BOGO apps, and our criteria for evaluating the best alternatives for the Shopify Buy X Get Y feature is:

  • Ease of use – An alternative app has to be easy to use and simple enough to navigate through the dashboard. 😌
  • Can run multiple campaigns at once – An app should enable you to run multiple campaigns for different items simultaneously. 😎
  • Integrations – Integrations with external apps are a plus. Multi-channel promotions reduce marketing costs. 🚀
  • Automation – Apps should feature an automated BOGO sale option. 🤖


Choose Vitals if:

  • You’re looking for a well-integrated app to create discounts and BOGO sales.
  • Sharing promotions across media and reducing the price of customer acquisition is your priority.
  • 40+ apps in one while nurturing customers with automated messages.

Choose Ultimate Special Offers if:

  • You need a variety of discount options at a low price.
  • You want to run up to eight discount campaigns at once.
  • Run up to eight campaigns at once.

Choose Discount ninja if:

  • You need easily accessible reporting analytics in your dashboard.
  • If you plan to run up to ten campaigns at once.
  • If you are not on a tight budget.

Choose Ultimate Sales Boost if:

  • You are looking for an app that features a free plan to get started with your promotions.
  • Your business doesn’t require more than 2500 sessions per month.

Short on time? Take a quick peek at our short comparison table to quickly compare your top picks.

shopify bogo app

These four apps found a deserved place in our list:

Shopify Bogo app #1 – Vitals | 40+ apps in one

Shopify Bogo app #2 – Ultimate Special Offers

Shopify Bogo app #3 – Discount Ninja

Shopify Bogo app #4 – Ultimate Sales Boost

Without further ado, let’s dive deeper.

Why look for alternative apps when Shopify features the ‘Buy X get Y’ option?

To answer this question, let’s see how to create discounts on Shopify.

There are two options to apply discounts to your products:

  1. Discount code
  2. Automatic discount
Buy X get Y

Available automation for Buy X get Y is straightforward to set.

Buy X get Y

Optionally, select eligibility, usage limit, and dates for a discount feature.

Similar to the Discount code, the Automatic discount option features buy x get y.

Automatic discount option

Set automation for Customer buys, and the Customer gets options to decide on specific products and quantity of items needed to apply a discount.

Shopify bogo app discount automation shortcomings:

  • Only apply one discount at a time – Select multiple products, but only one discount is available per campaign. This means it’s impossible to feature different items with different offers at once.
  • Discount automation is not reliable – After automation is set up, you’ll have to create banners, pop-ups, and different available forms of announcements to promote discounts; otherwise, your customers won’t know of your offer.
  • Customers have to select exact products that are discounted – Your customers might not get a discount if they don’t select specific products. This is a manual and overwhelming task because they won’t see any information if they are eligible for a discount until they are to place a purchase.

The convenience of built-in discount options aside, there are issues with Shopify’s discount feature that made us look for alternative options.

Shopify Bogo App #1: Vitals – Get the most out of your BOGO offer and 40+ integrations

Bogo App #1: Vitals – Get the most out of your BOGO offer and 40+ integrations

Vitals is a software suite for e-commerce. It integrates with 40+ apps to help you scale your business, boost sales and turn visitors into customers.

Vitals features an upsell builder to help you promote and sell items in a bundle or buy x get y, which reduces overall inventory purchase prices.

For example, if your product is priced at $20 and your purchase cost is $10, by selling one item, your profit is $10. However, by featuring a buy x get y sale, your profit will double; for two products sold for $40 minus the purchased price of $20 leaves you with a total profit of $20.

How to set Bogo sales in Vitals?

Bogo App #1: Vitals – Get the most out of your BOGO offer and 40+ integrations

To properly set your BOGO sale, ensure the cart page, multiple upsell apps, custom checkout, and dynamic checkout buttons are optimized.

how to optimize buttons
  1. To apply a discount, always direct your customers to the standard cart page. Upselling Shopify apps do not support cart drawers. Additionally, cart drawers are not suited for mobile devices.
  2. Shopify apps, unfortunately, don’t work with each other well. If you have downloaded multiple upsell apps, make sure to uninstall all other apps from your store.
  3. Don’t use custom checkouts; in the Shopify store, discounts will only apply on the standard checkout page.
  4. Hide all dynamic checkout buttons; In Shopify, the dynamic checkout button might be unresponsive.

With Vitals, easily disable functions that might interrupt discount features.

Now that your Vitals app is optimized for Shopify, start setting up your buy x get y sale.

Under the boost revenue feature, select Buy X Get Y option.

how to configure bogo options

In this automation, select products to create your BOGO sale; simply add a product to the customer buys section. A product you selected will automatically bundle with the ‘customer gets’ product.

With Vitals, select multiple products at once to apply a discount, and easily deselect products as well.

selecting and deselection products in vitals

Additionally, create collections and apply discounts automatically instead of creating a discount for individual products.

For the customer to get selected, an additional option collection will appear. This means that your original (customer buys) product will be offered as a part of the bundle and as a part of a collection selected at the same time.

Quantity of products available and the discounted price will be shown on the product page and cart page.

Your preferred title, messages, colors, and widget size is changeable.

End result will appear in your store; just refresh your page.

end results vitals

Reasons to opt for Vitals:

  • Easy to use automationVitals features a BOGO automation that will run your offer in a couple of minutes. Select the products, discount amount, create title and messages – you are done.
  • Easy to deselect interfering Shopify features – Vitals allows easy disable for cart page, multiple upsell apps, custom checkout, and dynamic checkout buttons to ensure seamless discount application in your store.
  • Discount for multiple campaigns – Select as many products, collections, and bundles you want; with Vitals, the process will be automated, and your customers will receive information on your page and in carts.

Reasons not to opt for Vitals Shopify bogo app:

  • Limited upsell options – Currently, Vitals only helps create offers for product bundles, volume discounts, and buy x get y. However, the team is working on adding more options as we speak.

Vitals Pricing

Vitals Pricing

For $29.99/mo, you are getting 40+ integrations in one app next to features that will support your sales and help you boost revenue.

Vitals is an easy-to-use automated app that follows your processes and allows product reviews, discounts, pop-ups, shipping info, backup, multiple Facebook pixels, and many more features working together to boost your sales and ensure customer satisfaction.

Stop searching for numerous apps and opt for the one that can handle all of your needs in a single payment. Start using Vitals today.

Shopify Bogo App #2: Ultimate Special Offers – run up to eight discount campaigns at once

Bogo App #2: Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers allow eight different types of sales at once. The app is dedicated to boosting sales by featuring various options for your specific use case.

How to set BOGO sales with Ultimate Special Offers?

How to set BOGO sales with Ultimate Special Offers?

Simply select BOGO from your dashboard. After you decide on your campaign’s name, decide the number of items you want to feature.

Additionally, select collections or variants of items to feature in your buy x get y promotion.

buy x get y promotion

It is time to select the BOGO presentation and availability for your offer.

Reasons to opt for Ultimate Special Offers:

  • Easy and fast setup – In only a couple of steps, your BOGO sale is ready. Decide on the title, products, and availability of your offer, and you are good to go.
  • Features eight different upsell options – Select a type of upsell or cross-sell depending on your use case.
Reasons to opt for Ultimate Special Offers:
  • Price – It is one of the more affordable plug-in apps in the Shopify store. It is priced at $9/mo.

Reasons no to opt for Ultimate special offers:

  • UX and UI design – Even with developers’ efforts to make this app more user-friendly, it is still not visually appealing. If you prefer a visualization of your campaign creation, such as those offered by Vitals, this app might not be a choice for you.
  • Discount is only visible in the cart – Customers can not see discontents on your product page. Similar to Shopify’s feature, a discount is visible only on the cart page. This creates additional steps and discomfort for customers and reduces the chance of browsing through different products on the product page; however, the discount feature runs smoothly.

Ultimate Special Offers pricing

Ultimate Special Offers pricing

App is priced at $9/mo, and a 14-day free trial is available.

If featuring multiple discounts and upsell options is your preference, Ultimate Special Offers could be a good solution for your store.

Shopify Bogo App #3 Discount Ninja – more options for BOGO sales

Bogo App #3 Discount Ninja – more options for BOGO sales

Discount ninja is a dedicated discount offer app. With a variety of discount options and with availability to run 10+ discounted campaigns at once, this app

How to setup Bogo discount with Discount Ninja

From a drop-down menu, select promotions.

How to setup Bogo discount with Discount Ninja

Decide on the promotion name and provide additional information, optionally.

Move to offer by clicking the next button, scroll down to offer catalog.

offer catalog

Discount Ninja features three different options for the BOGO sale. Select among BXGY/BOGO, Multi-tier BOGO, or buy x get y.

discount ninja bogo sale options

To customize your BOGO offer, simply select the type of promotion you want to run.

Reasons to opt for Discount Ninja:

  • Easy to use – UX and UI design create an easy-to-use platform. Navigation through features is a piece of cake.
  • Features versatile discount options – There are many available options to feature your offers. Create a campaign for one product or select a multi-product bundle and personalize the type of discount.
  • Selection of BOGO offers – Besides classic buy x get y, optionally decide to feature bundling items as free gifts or discounted items.
  • Reporting – Track your campaigns by selecting promotion activity, results by promotion, results by order, or results by promotion code.
Reasons to opt for Discount Ninja

Reason not to opt for Discount Ninja:

  • Slow customer support – Live chat option is available; however, to get any response, we waited for more than 12 h.
  • Price – Discount ninja features four plans; however, their Bronze plan includes only 2500 sessions, and it’s priced at $29/mo. Their platinum plan is $253/mo.

Discount Ninja Pricing

Discount Ninja Pricing

We already mentioned the pricing is steep. Discount ninja features four plans.

Prices are based on the number of sessions per month.

BRONZE plan priced at $29/mo and SILVER plan priced at $67/mo doesn’t include priority support.

You either have to pay $154/mo for GOLD for dedicated support or $253/mo for the PLATINUM plan.

We don’t see any difference in features; the phone and priority support and the number of sessions are the only differences among these plans.

Discount Ninja Pricing

If the price doesn’t bother you, Discount Ninja could be a good choice for store owners. A big selection of offers and discounts is available, and it’s possible to run 10+ campaigns simultaneously.

Shopify Bogo App #4 Ultimate Sales Boost – visual addons included with BOGO sale

Bogo App #4 Ultimate Sales Boost

Ultimate Sales Boost is another app featuring BOGO sales. It features easy-to-set automation for discounts and allows animated buttons and timer countdown to present your discounts visibly.

How to set up a BOGO discount with Ultimate Sales Boost?

Select Buy X Get Y Option from the dashboard.

How to set up a BOGO discount with Ultimate Sales Boost?

Fill out the form to set automation.

After this, It is time to configure your campaign options.

Customize your message, and if you prefer the timer option, switch the pre-set off option to on.

Optionally, Apply animation for the add-to-cart button.

Optimize your BOGO sale and select products you want to feature.

bogo sales optimization

Reason to opt for Ultimate Sales Boost:

  • Easy to use – A simple navigation through the dashboard menu and quick access to discount options helps you set a campaign in minutes.
  • Visual add-ons to the campaign – To make your promotion stand out, insert a timer or add-to-cart animation button. This provides your customers more information and an insight into the expiration period of the promotion.
  • Free plan – Ultimate sales boost features a free plan, a great option to get started and test the app.

Reasons not to opt for Ultimate Sales Boost

  • Not enough instruction videos – We couldn’t find any video instructions or easy to find manuals on how to use the app. Normally, apps incorporate these in their presentations to make the process easier. For inexperienced or first-time users, the onboarding process might be tricky, regardless of the simple UX and UI design.
  • No official website dedicated to the app – The only access to the official app is through the developer’s page Hextom; however, no additional app description is available other than description on the Shopify app store. However, the app is highly rated on the Shopify app store, and some app description is available.

Ultimate Sales Boost Pricing

Ultimate Sales Boost Pricing

Ultimate Sales Boost features three plans.

Starter plan (free plan) includes inventory countdown, trust badge, countdown timer on products page, manual product targeting, and promo messages.

The basic plan is priced at $9.99/mo and includes everything from the Starter plan plus timer for home page, image labels, and geo-tracking.

Professional plan is priced at $29.99/mo and combines Starter and Basic plan plus product targeting and tagging, customer targeting, and BOGO messages.

This app is an excellent option for those on budget. Create a campaign and boost sales with promotional discounts. Once you are ready to purchase the plan, Ultimate Sales Boost won’t break your bank.

Which Shopify BOGO app should I choose?

shopify bogo app

Choose Ultimate Special Offers if you need a variety of discount options at a low price. Run up to eight campaigns at once.

Choose Discount ninja if you need analytics available for activity, promotion, or product available at any time on your dashboard. Run up to 10 campaigns at once.

Choose Ultimate Sales Boost if an app with a free plan to get started with your promotions is what you’re looking for. Opt for a paid plan when you have more than 2500 sessions per month.

Choose Vitals if you need a well-integrated app to create discounts and BOGO sales. Share your promotion across the media and reduce the price of customer acquisition. Nurture your customers with automated messages.

Get started with a 14-day free trial!


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