We’ve Tested 4 Most Popular Instafeed Alternatives & Competitors – Here’s What You Should Use.

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So you’re looking for the best Instafeed alternatives & competitors?

Tough luck. As you start researching you’ll realize there are a lot of apps to review and even more to test and compare to find the perfect match for your needs.

If you’ve previously used Instafeed you’ve likely found it lacks customization options and could use more features in general.

Well, buckle up because we’ve tested the most popular Instagram Feed apps on the market so you don’t have to. More specifically, how they differ from each other and what could be the perfect one for you.

We’ve tested the following apps:

  1. Instafeed
  2. Instafeed alternative #1 – Vitals
  3. Instafeed alternative #2 – InstaShow ‑ Instagram Feed by Elfsight
  4. Instafeed alternative #3 -Shop Instagram Feed & UGC by Growave
  5. Instafeed alternative #4 -Instagram Feed ‑ Photo Gallery

If you’re short on time – Don’t worry. We got you covered.


Choose Vitals if:

You want to take advantage of 40+ apps in one, offered at a cost-effective price with a significant speed boost to your store.

Choose InstaShow if:

You want gorgeous and mesmerizing feeds on your website.

Choose Shop Instagram Feed & UGC if:

You need a professional feed with analytics features.

Choose Instagram Feed Photo Gallery if:

You just want a simple-looking feed that is easy to create.

Instafeed alternatives and competitors comparison table
Comparison photo

Try Vitals with a 30-day free trial

P.S. At the bottom, there is a complete comparison table with feature comparison as well.

Continue reading if you need more help choosing the best Instafeed alternative for you.

Instafeed – Instagram feed by Mintt Studio – Overview

Instafeed Shopify app

With 800+ positive reviews, Instafeed is one of the most popular apps for displaying shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify store.

It integrates with Instagram flawlessly, and their customer support is spot-on with zero complaints to report.

What we like about Instafeed:

  1. It supports both images and videos from Instagram.
  2. It’s easily compatible with all themes, and unlike a few similar apps, it doesn’t crash your store.
  3. Relatively easy to use and has a beautiful, minimalistic approach to displaying your Instagram content.

What we didn’t like about Instafeed:

  1. Unlimited feeds are only available in the $20 per month package. It’s not something many people are willing to pay.
  2. Limited customization options. There are two layout options and some spacing settings, but other than that, you can’t add any exciting layouts, coloring, or anything of such sort. Bummer.
  3. It’s a straightforward app that only does only one thing – adds an Instagram feed to your website. Now look, that’s not a bad thing if that’s all you’re looking for. But, as you’ll see soon, there are better alternatives that offer more functionality & customization.
  4. Configurable mobile layout, unlimited feeds, unlimited product tagging, and similar cool features are only in the $19.99 per month package. At this price-point, many people will get turned off and search for Instafeed alternatives and competitors.

Instafeed pricing

Instafeed pricing

Some people love its pricing, and others don’t.

While most people will be satisfied with the free plan, others will hardly justify paying $19.99 per month for unlimited feeds, tags, and configurable mobile layout.

Now, let’s look at some Instafeed alternatives and competitors and the reasons why you might want to switch to one or another.

Vitals – Instagram Feed And 40+ Amazing Apps In One


Try Vitals with a 30-day free trial

You’re probably thinking, “Instagram feed app + 40 other apps?! That’s crazy.”

But you’ve read it right. Vitals is a lot more than just an Instagram feed app.

With over 40+ apps in one, it aims to change the way you usually use Shopify apps. The goal is to replace other commonly used apps with a single powerful app that has a standardized quality, and you’re only paying for a single monthly fee.

If you’re already using a few other Shopify apps, switching to Vitals will likely save you a ton of money.

Instead of paying $200+ for multiple Shopify apps, you can pay $29.99 (based on usage) and get 40+ apps in one.

Vitals pricing comparison table

Try Vitals with a 30-day free trial

But, back to displaying an Instagram feed on your Shopify store.

Vitals has an excellent shoppable Instagram feed. It allows you to build social proof by tagging products in your Instagram posts and displaying the gallery on your store.

Vitals Shoppable Instagram Feed on Shopify

Try Vitals with a 30-day free trial

Here are the reasons to choose Vitals as one of the best Instafeed alternatives, or why to avoid it:

Reasons to choose Vitals

  1. 40+ tools in one – Chances are you won’t be using all the 40+ apps. But even if you’ll be using only a handful of apps, probably you’ll end up paying significantly less than at this moment.
  2. Always-available, 24/7 customer support. But, how good is it? Check our average response time for December of 2020.
  3. Vitals’s Shoppable Instagram Feed has all the primary features in place – stripped of all unnecessary fancy features, you’ll get started in minutes, and with the offered customization, you’ll be able to align it to your branding.
  4. Enables you to connect multiple Instagram accounts instead of only one account or only individual posts (which you would have to add manually).
  5. Zero website bloat & lighting fast loading – Cloudflare’s excellent catching functionalities enable this.
Vitals speed features
  1. Compatible with all themes. Never worry about any of the apps conflicting with your theme. This is very important considering some users have complained that their Instagram Feed app started displaying error messages that can scare customers away and reduce sales.
Vitals customer review

Try Vitals with a 30-day free trial


Reasons NOT to choose Vitals

  1. If a high level of customization is truly essential for your Instagram Feed app. While most e-commerce brands will have zero reasons to look for an app with more customization options than Vitals, it’s still something to improve.
  2. It doesn’t enable image sourcing from Instagram URLs, through hashtags, locations, or individual users. If you need to source images by Instagram URL or through Hashtags, Locations, or individual users. In most cases, you’ll end up just adding one of your accounts from which to pull images (enabling you to add the ones you want and leave out the ones you don’t), so it’s only an obstacle from a small number of e-commerce brands.

Vitals pricing

Vitals pricing & features

Try Vitals with a 30-day free trial

Vitals offers a cost-effective solution at $29.99 per month, based on usage (tracked orders per month or revenue or page views, etc.) and no hidden fees. Since many features have no usage restrictions, you won’t have to worry about reaching the limit.

Suppose you’re currently using multiple apps that you see Vitals offers. In that case, switching can save you a hefty amount every month.

Who should use Vitals?

If you want an all-in-one solution without the hassle of managing multiple accounts and apps on Shopify and having standardized quality, it’s a fantastic tool.

Besides using an Instagram Shopping Feed app, you’ll also have access to a list of other tools like:

  • Product Reviews
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Pop-ups
  • Countdown timers
  • Recent sales notifications
  • All-in-one chat (Helps your customers get in touch with you via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Instagram, and more.)
  • So much more!

You’ll be able to optimize your store for a higher conversion rate in many ways and save money in the process. Getting this app for your store is a no-brainer, and you’ll only pay a single monthly fee for over 40 apps in one.

Try it out with a 30-day free trial

InstaShow ‑ Instagram Feed by Elfsight

InstaShow featured image

With 4.8 stars review, InstaShow is another excellent and affordable Instafeed alternative for websites. This plugin allows you to choose the most beautiful photos from Instagram and fit them on your Shopify store.

We loved InstaShow because it was super easy to use. They have flexible design customizations for Instagram feeds that are mobile-friendly and mesmerizing.

InstaShow by Elfsight is among our favorite Instafeed alternatives, and here are some of the reasons why.

Reasons to choose InstaShow

  • Allows you to present content from various sources – This feature is excellent because it will enable you to showcase exciting content that is not necessarily hosted on your Instagram page. You can simply choose to show images by the username, tags, location, or URLs. However, try to avoid using too many sources since it will slow down the feed’s loading.
  • Filters – Don’t want to show images from certain accounts? No problem, solved! Want to choose just one photo to present? Also, done. Filters like “except” and “only” do all the work to help you create and organize the ideal feed for you.
  • 14 Customizable UI parameters – Choose the animations, the duration of scrolling, and autorotation.
  • Control the size and proportion – Height and width are entirely customizable. You can also adjust the gutter between photos and the number of rows and columns. Our pick is 3 columns and 1 row with a 15px gutter. Since the widget is mobile optimized, you don’t have to worry about the looks across devices.
  • 2 Layouts – InstaShow offers Grid and Slider layouts. You choose which one fits your website the best.
  • 24 Languages Supported
InstaShow features

Reasons NOT to choose InstaShow

  • No Analytics/Reports – unlike some other Shopify plugins, this one doesn’t have an analytics feature that helps you track actions and optimize the content better.
  • Customer Support – We’ve reached out to their customer support, and while they are kind to help, they don’t operate 24/7. They are open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm CET. This may not be a considerable con, but for some can be a deal-breaker.

InstaShow Pricing

InstaShow pricing

InstaShow offers various packages to choose from based on your needs.

They offer a 7-day free trial, so you can test it out and see if it’s the right match for you.

Who Should Use InstaShow

InstaShow is a great Instafeed alternative for artistic and aesthetic souls. Their beautiful customizations and templates are mesmerizing, and we can see fashion brands using this plugin on their Shopify stores.

Apart from stores, anyone else can use this plugin and it is loved by fashion and lifestyle bloggers and influencers.

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC – Instafeed Alternative by Growave

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC - Instafeed Alternative by Growave

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC by Growave is yet another wholesome Shopify plugin that offers many features like:

  • Unlimited Sources to choose from
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Make photos shoppable
  • Popups
  • And many more

Let’s dive in more in-depth and explore why this plugin might be the right fit for you!

Reasons to choose Shop Instagram Feed & UGC

Here are some of the most crucial reasons to choose Shop Instagram Feed & UGC:

  • Every photo is shoppable – all you need to do is tag products on your photos, and there is no limit to how many products you can tag!
  • Display the best performing photos – show your users the most engaging and best-performing images you have.
  • 4 Different Layouts – This plugin offers you to display galleries in grids, slides, listings, and masonry.
  • Fantastic support – if you run across any problems, including adding styles and embedding, their support can handle it for you for free.
  • Make the most of UGC – Use your customer’s photos as social proof and earn trust from your visitors.
  • Let your visitors buy directly from the feed – Instant purchase feature allows visitors to add items to the cart directly from the Instagram feed on your store.
  • Stories – Display Instagram stories on your pages.
  • Analytics – see what images are best performing and bring the most sales.
Shop Instagram Feed & UGC - add to cart feature

Reasons NOT to choose InstaShow Shop Instagram Feed & UGC

While we couldn’t find almost any particular problem with this app, it isn’t entirely perfect.

  • Pricier than the competition. Compared to other apps listed so far, this one will hurt your wallet the most.
  • Lacks fancy features at this pricing. This app doesn’t provide a way to display post elements like likes, comments, shares, etc.

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC Pricing

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC Pricing

Depending on your needs, you can start with a free forever plan and upgrade from thereon.

They offer a 14-day free trial that is more than InstaShow mentioned above. It is ideal for letting you test out all of its’ features.

You can change your plans and cancel subscriptions at any time, and if you have any doubts, feel free to reach out to their customer support.

Who Should Use Shop Instagram Feed & UGC

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC is the right solution for mid to more prominent e-commerce brands that require lots of customization and features. It’s a tremendous Instafeed alternative & competitor because their feeds don’t come across as artistic and mesmerizing as with InstaShow, so in the end, it will come down to your taste.

Instagram Feed ‑ Photo Gallery – An Instafeed Alternative by Expert Village Media Technologies

Instagram Feed ‑ Photo Gallery - An Instafeed Alternative by Expert Village Media Technologies

Instagram Feed Photo Gallery is a Shopify plugin trusted by more than 4,500 brands that allow you to create an interactive store experience with Instagram feed.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the biggest pros and cons of this tool.

Reasons to choose Instagram Feed – Photo Gallery

Some of the biggest reasons we would choose Instagram Feed Photo Gallery are:

  • Latest FaceBook API – Don’t worry about malfunctioning and user experience anymore. Thanks to the latest Facebook API that they use, the app is updated regularly.
  • Hide Specific Details – We loved this feature because it allowed us to hide likes and comments from Instagram feeds.
  • Design and Layouts – this plugin has numerous pre-made templates in-built, so you don’t need to worry about manually customizing feeds.
  • Page Speed – when testing this tool, we didn’t experience much of a negative impact on the page speed.

Reasons NOT to choose Instagram Feed – Photo Gallery

  • Lack of features – We didn’t like how many features they were offering compared to other apps on the market. While this may not be a problem if you don’t require various functions, it is not our favorite from the list. Keep in mind that this app is designed for a growing Shopify store that doesn’t need complex features.
  • Short free trial – the free trial is only 5 days long, but given that there aren’t many features to test out, this is somewhat understandable.

Instagram Feed – Photo Gallery Pricing

Instagram Feed Shopify App Pricing

They offer only one pricing plan, and we are not sure if they plan on broadening their set of services.

If you are unsure whether this is the best deal for your store, check it out for free and decide for yourself.

Who Should use Instagram Feed – Photo Gallery

Instagram Feed – Photo Gallery is designed for new Shopify stores that are just starting. Their affordable price speaks to that.

However, as you start to grow your business, you may have to consider switching to something more advanced with features like analytics, more beautiful layouts, etc.

Therefore, Instagram Feed – Gallery is an excellent Instafeed alternative for beginner e-commerce!

Comparison Table of the 4 Best Instafeed Alternatives and Competitors:

Comparison Table of the 4 Best Instafeed Alternatives and Competitors

Try Vitals with a 30-day free trial

What is the perfect Instafeed Alternative for you?

“Depending on your needs” is what you would hear the most, but we’ll try to give you a more actionable answer.

Choose InstaShow if:

  • Having a super aesthetic customizable feed is your priority.
  • Being completely in control of the design and posts is important to you.
  • You want the best for the given money.

Choose Shop Instagram Feed & UGC if:

  • Tracking the performance of your feed is a must for you.
  • You want something professionally-looking.
  • Money is not a problem.

Choose Instagram Feed – Photo Gallery if:

  • You don’t care about advanced features and options.
  • You are on a tight budget.

Choose Vitals if you want:

  • All the necessary Instagram feed features in an app.
  • Customer support with a swift response time.
  • An all-in-one app with over 40 different products (not just a shoppable Instagram feed)
  • To save money, but also work on many other aspects of your store experience.
  • Pay a starting single monthly fee for all 41 apps.

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial.



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