We Tested 4 Judge.me Product Reviews Alternatives And Competitors — Here’s What You Need To Know

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So, you’ve been looking for a better Judge me alternatives? Assuming you want a better app.

We thought so — and went beyond existing reviews to analyze Judge.me alternatives and competitors, and see what they have to offer.

These are the tools we tested:

  • Judge.me – Product Reviews
  • Judge.me Alternative #1 — Vitals
  • Judge.me Alternative #2 — Junip: Photo & Product Reviews
  • Judge.me Alternative #3 — Ali Reviews
  • Judge.me Alternative #4 — Okendo

This is the criteria we used to compare the Judge.me alternatives mentioned above:

  • Ease of Use — how user-friendly these tools are
  • Feature Score — how feature-rich they are
  • Customer Support — how fast and helpful customer service is when responding and solving your problems
  • Pricing — what you get for your money, pricing plans
  • Aesthetic — the overall looks of tools

Need answers ASAP? Got it.


  1. Choose Vitals if you want to pay a single affordable price for 40+ apps packed in one, that makes your store lightning-fast
  2. Choose Junip if you need flawless customer support, tailor-made features, and detailed reviews
  3. Choose Ali Reviews if you need something cheap and simple for bulk review import
  4. Choose Okendo if you need it all for your high-performing store, but on steroids (including the price!)

Now, let’s get into details and see which Judge.me alternatives might be a better pick.

Additionally, we’ve prepared a comparison table, covering the essential features to worry about.

Judge.me alternatives: short comparison table

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

Judge.me Product Reviews — A Short Overview

Judge.me Product Reviews app

With more than 4.000 reviews on Shopify App Store, Judge.me has a five-star rating — making it a pretty solid choice for product reviews.

It’s affordable, simple and functional, with plenty of perks you’ll see below.

Benefits of using Judge.me

  • Forever Free plan — Judge.me only costs $15 per month, making it some of the cheapest apps out there. Moreover, it has a Forever Free plan which comes with basic stuff to implement
  • Unlimited product review requests — This feature is available for both free and paid plans and has no limitations
  • Great User Interface — It’s easy to get around and navigate in this app, and the product review design is A+.
  • Community engaging capabilities — You can create Q&A sections under each product
  • Text, image and video reviews — You get it all (only with the paid plan, though)
  • SMS requests — This is a rare gem not to be found in similar apps: this feature enables you to send review requests via SMSBump or SMS Notifications

There’s a lot more to write home about when it comes to Judge.me, but the honeymoon phase was soon over when we noticed some considerable downsides.

Why did Judge.me let us down?

  • No versatility at all — It only manages the product reviews, nothing else. Other Judge.me alternatives and competitors outrun it when it comes to features, providing you with plenty of options for the slightly bigger price (Vitals, for example, comes with more than 40 different apps starting at $29.99/mo). This makes you rethink the whole cost-effectiveness story and cramming tons of different apps can slow your store down
  • Poor automation — Judge.me only has the most basic automation built-in, such as collecting emails from customers. Everything else has to be done manually.
  • Photo & Video Reviews — People can only upload photos and videos with paid plans.
  • Code issues — Some of the main complaints addressed the problems with coding. When you uninstall Judge.me, some leftover lines of code mess up the website design and theme — NOT easy to fix if you’re not into coding, and a waste of time if you are.
  • Customer service problems — To add to the code issues — people also complain about slow reactions from the customer service staff. As they lose API access when people uninstall Judge.me, the only way to remove the remains of the code is through the staff account.

Judge.me pricing

Judge.me Product Reviews pricing

Pricing is one of the better sides of Judge.me. The “Forever Free” plan has no time limitations, and the “Awesome” plan only costs $15 per month — but again, that’s for product reviews only.

The free option is good to get you going but to get a truly rich experience, you’ll need to pay for it.

Our impression

If you only need product reviews, go for it.

For what it is, Judge.me is beautiful and simple, and unlike other similar apps, it has an unlimited free plan.

However, Judge.me is not enough if you want more-than-average capabilities, and those issues with coding are a major turn-off.

Vitals — 40+ Apps In One

And now for something completely different.

Judge.me alternatives: Vitals app

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

Vitals has managed to pack more than 40 apps in just one, revolutionizing the way you work with ordinary Shopify apps.

The main goal is to curb the need to install a different app for each store feature, and to elevate and standardize the quality both for customers and the store owners who use it.

With a single monthly fee (pretty low one, at that), Vitals covers everything you need to engage customers and boost conversion rates.

Sounds good, and there’s more to it. 😎

Benefits of using Vitals

First and foremost, it will save you a considerable amount of money — $220/ month on average.

Vitals price comparison

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

Take a look at these prices — some apps cost as much as Vitals, but they only manage to do a single task. Even if they do it well, packing your store with tons of apps will slow it down.

With Vitals, you get the best of both worlds: fast store and high-quality tools; a 5.0-star rating with more than 2000 reviews is there to back this claim.

Carrying on:

  • No coding needed — You don’t even have to know a single line of code — none of these tools demand you to know how to code to set them up, from start to finish.
  • Theme compatibility — None of the Vitals apps clash with your theme.
  • Impeccable customer support — In December 2020, 98% of questions were answered within 3 hours — so you don’t have to leave the issues for the next workday. 😉
  • 30—day free trial — You have a full month to test and try out Vitals and decide if it’s the right fit for you: the longest out of all the other Judge.me alternatives
  • Seamless review importing — Using other tools? No worries about transferring — simply import a CSV file (works for nearly every product review tool) and your job is done. You can import AliExpress reviews as well, up to 200 per product.
  • Powerful caching for high speed.eCommerce
Vitals app speed
  • Lightning-fast onboarding. Well, not exactly *lightning*, it takes a couple of minutes while you browse and customize the tools, but it’s as easy like Sunday morning. ☀️

Sounds great, but what do you get?

In addition to plain (but customizable) stuff like Product Reviews, Instant Search, Sales pop-ups, Sticky Add to Cart, there are some great tools that help you sell more:

  • Localization tools: Geolocation Redirect, Currency Converter
  • Social: Shoppable Instagram Feed, Facebook Pixels, Facebook Messenger Chat, Social Media Icons
  • Urgency & FOMO: Countdown Timer, Cart Reserved
  • Product Bundles, Wheel of Fortune, and a lot more

Why Vitals might not work for you

  • No video reviews (but it’s coming soon!) — This could impact the UX at some point, since customers like to see stuff in action. However, that’s just one additional app you need to add to have the full stack.
  • It’s not enterprise-level — GDPR is there, but Vitals isn’t yet SOC2 and SLA compliant, so it’s not that great for enterprise eCommerce stores.
  • No image sourcing from Instagram — (URLs, hashtags, locations, and individual accounts). You’d only need to add one of your accounts to pull the images from to solve this though.

Vitals pricing

Vitals pricing

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

Starting at $29.99 for everything and a free 30-day trial — plain and simple. The majority of the features are unlimited, and there are no hidden fees: it’s usage-based.

Who should opt for Vitals?

Stores in the scaling stage who need one app to rule them all: 40+ for the price of one.

If you have no time to manage multiple Shopify apps and accounts, Vitals is the right choice for you. This the most cost-effective solution that doesn’t put extra weight on your store.

Try it out with a 30—day free trial

Judge.me Alternative #2 — Junip: Photo & Product Reviews

Judge.me alternatives: Junip Photo and Product reviews

We have to admit we’re impressed with Junip: it has a perfect 5-star rating. 🤯

Junip is a simple product review solution with the main focus on two things:

  • On-site displays and widgets
  • Requesting reviews

It is built to increase conversions by placing customizable, “performance-focused” displays on product pages, and/ or feature the reviews on dedicated pages, or homepage.

Let’s see what’s so great about Junip. 🧐

Benefits of using Junip

  • Scalability — Junip is made to scale with brands and you can change the plan at any point.
  • Same framework as Shopify’s admin. This makes it easy to use and manage reviews.
  • Rich customization capabilities. Everything from branding and displays to emails can be tailored just for you.
  • 360 Reviews. Text, photo, video, and a special dedication to showcasing particular product traits such as quality or fit.
  • Google Shopping integration. Reviews display in organic and paid results.
  • Dark mode. A sight for sore eyes — other Judge.me alternatives don’t have this one.
  • Insanely good customer support. Guess we met our match here! Junip literally has nothing but glowing reviews from its users.

In short — this is a really good tool. You can see the rest on their Shopify page, but let’s address some of its downsides now.

Why Junip might not work for you

  • High price point — Junip is pretty expensive for a tool that comes with some limitations, and cheaper plans aren’t enough to make up for it. The Standard plan will barely cover the moderately busy store, and it costs a whopping $74 per month.
  • Limited capabilities — Again, unless you pay for at least The Standard plan, you’re limited to 500 orders per month (50 with a free package)
  • Too short free trial — You only have two weeks (14 days) to see whether this works for you, a pretty rushed decision for an app that’s not exactly dirt cheap

Junip pricing

Junip pricing

There are plenty of options here, to suit multiple business stages:

  • A free trial that lasts for 14 days
  • Free plan with basic tools
  • $19/ month for Essentials plan
  • $74/ month for Standard plan (pick this one at least to make use of the benefits)
  • $249/ month for Pro plan
  • Price on request for Enterprise plan

Who should opt for Junip?

If you have a bigger budget to spend and are sure that the plan you pick won’t cut you short — freely pick this one!

Judge.me Alternative #3 — Ali Reviews

Judge.me alternatives: Ali Reviews

Recently revamped, truly cost-effective and awarded with a 4.9-star rating in the Shopify app store, Ali Reviews looks like another attention-worthy app.

They focus on building the stores’ credibility and good reputation by placing highly customizable product review forms on all pages.

There’s more to Ali Reviews — let’s have a look. 🕵️

Benefits of using Ali Reviews

  • Hassle-free bulk actions — Some of the main features include importing more than 100 photo reviews from AliExpress with a single click, and transferring reviews from other apps with ease, no additional tweaks required
Ali Reviews pricing
  • Rich starter plans — You can do a lot with the two cheapest plans — you’ll see more about the cost-effectiveness in the pricing part below. This is among the cheaper Judge.me alternatives in the Shopify app store
  • Great Review Widget — It is fully customizable to fit the store theme and very easy to set up the way you want it with a drag-and-drop and no coding
  • Review Box layout optionsCarousel Slider is a new feature that allows you to display multiple (favorable) reviews at one spot; you can also pick Grid or List review box layout, or place a Review Popup strategically
  • 9 Review styles — Reviews are adjustable to old and new themes, without messing up the design
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support — No matter the plan, Ali Reviews offers 24/7 support for users experiencing some issues or having questions

Why Ali Reviews might not work for you

Is it all that great after all? 🤔

See for yourself:

  • Slows down your website — JS and CSS files seem to make the websites bloat and load considerably slower. This is something you should pay attention to when testing Ali Reviews since page speed is known to amplify or ruin conversion rates.
  • Disappearing Reviews — Multiple users reported that reviews go missing without explanation
  • Inconsistent Customer Service quality — The opinions are divided: some users are thrilled, others complain about generic responses, taking them too long to respond, and when they do, they don’t actually help. This makes us think that you need to get lucky with it, rather than being able to rely on their customer service.
  • Short trial — Ali Reviews has the shortest free trial out of all Judge.me alternatives: you only have 7 days to play around and test it

Ali Reviews pricing

Ali Reviews pricing

Ali Reviews has 4 pricing plans, two of which are pretty cheap:

  • Starter: $9.9/ month
  • Essential: $19.9/ month
  • Premium: $49.9/ month
  • Enterprise: $99.9/ month

When we compared these, we’ve noticed that the Essential plan has a 95% match with two more expensive plans.

The only differences are quantity (fewer products, reviews and emails per month) and customer service dedication (no Dedicated Support Line and Priority Server).

Who should opt for Ali Reviews?

Need something simple, cheap and customizable to import plenty of reviews from AliExpress and other apps?

Pick Ali Reviews.

Judge.me Alternative #4 — Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

Judge.me alternatives: Okendo Product Reviews and UGC

Okendo is another star pupil from the Shopify app store, praised for super—easy onboarding, navigation and abundant customization capabilities — among other things. Katty Perry uses it so… we’re intrigued!

It is built specifically for high-performing Shopify retailers, and is by no means a beginner app to play with! They offer no annual contracts, but with dedicated assistance and a 14-day trial, you have the opportunity to see whether it fits your needs on a duplicate theme.

Sounds cool, but let’s take a further look. 👀

Benefits of using Okendo

  • Attributes tool — this one is unique to Okendo and lets you collect actionable product/ customer data. It helps customers gain better insight into products, and you to use that data to improve their experience and multi-channel marketing performance.
  • Mobile-first approach — Okendo creates a flawless mobile ecommerce user experience.
  • Integration capabilities — Omnisend, Zendesk, Klaviyo, and more. Enterprise plan lets you have custom integrations.
  • Enhancing Google presence — Okendo pushes product reviews to Google: Google Shopping, Seller Ratings, and Rich Snippets will appear in organic results, and SEO will improve.
  • User-Generated eCommerce Content — Ratings, reviews, photos and videos build FAQs without your intervention; customer activity is incentivized with rewards: coupons and loyalty points.
  • Sentiment Analysis — This one is really interesting: machine learning helps you moderate reviews at scale, by identifying consumer sentiment.
Okendo sentiment analysis

Why Okendo might not work for you

  • It’s expensive — a great tool, but unaffordable to most mid-level store owners.
  • It’s too ambitious — there’s no reason to pay this much if you own a smaller/ mid-sized store. There’s always time to upgrade to more powerful tools; meanwhile, you really can do a lot with more basic apps and use your budget wisely.
  • No yearly plans — lots of tools offer stable, annual plans (with discounts); Okendo demands you sign again after each month.

Okendo pricing

Okendo pricing

Woah, this one ain’t cheap! 😲

  • Essential — $29/mo
  • Growth — $99/mo
  • Power — $299/mo
  • Advanced — $499/mo
  • Enterprise — custom pricing, custom everything

These prices make Okendo the most expensive out of all Judge.me alternatives, with the cheapest plan being as expensive as full service you’d get from Vitals. To be honest, the Essential plan does provide you with nice features (but in small quantities).

Who should opt for Okendo?

This app is intended for big players on the ecommerce market: great reviews and vast scope of features mean that you should opt for Okendo if you already have success, but want more.

Comparing all four Judge.me alternatives & competitors

The results are in:

Judge.me alternatives: complete comparison tablecomplete comparison table

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

How to pick the best ecommerce?

Depends, your needs, yadda—yadda — we’re about to get real.

Choose Junip: Photo & Product Reviews if:

  • You need a scalable solution that you’ll be able to adapt to your business growth
  • You want to provide the full look with your reviews: with text, photos, videos, and specific, customizable product traits presentations
  • Customer support is super important to you and you want the best one the market has to offer
  • You can afford to dish out at least $74 per month (although you only get the best stuff at $249/ month)

Choose Ali Reviews ‑ Product Reviews if:

  • You need a quick bulk review import tool, with a special focus on AliExpress photo reviews
  • You’re short on financing but need to get the job done
  • Wish next-level flexibility with the way reviews are shown on the website
  • You’re not too concerned about the website bloating issues

Choose Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC if:

  • Money is not an issue at all, since this app is the most expensive on this list
  • You need an advanced, powerful tool that uses reviews to enhance growth marketing
  • You have an enterprise-tier store

Choose Vitals if:

  • You’d benefit from having 40+ apps in one, for a single (low) fee
  • You need standardized quality at all points
  • Speed is the name of your game: optimized code, caching, and onboarding speed up the process
  • You want to integrate conversion-boosting marketing tactics to cross-sell and upsell
  • You’re indecisive, but want to commit long—term: Vitals’ 30-day free trial is the longest here

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial



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