We’ve Compared 4 Different Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives – Here’s our Evaluation

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“Working out how to upload reviews has been freaking annoying.”

“It’s helpful for a free app but doesn’t do the basics well.”

Shopify Product Reviews has been getting plenty of such reviews. That’s why we wrote an in-depth guide covering the 4 best Shopify Product Reviews alternatives and competitors, but also reasons to choose one over the other.

We’ve tested the following Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives:

  1. Shopify Product Reviews
  2. Vitals
  3. Product Reviews by Judge.me
  4. Photo Reviews by Avada commerce
  5. Growave

For better understanding and comparison, we’ve rated these tools based on the following criteria:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Feature Score (How feature-rich some platforms are compared to the others?)
  3. Customer Support
  4. Pricing
  5. Aesthetics


Choose Vitals if:

You really like the idea of using 40+ apps at the price of one while increasing the overall speed of your store ⚡.

Choose Product Reviews by Judge.me if:

Affordability is one of your primary concerns or if you want to have unlimited review requests per month, a beautiful UI, and plenty of widgets to choose from.

Choose Photo Reviews by Avada commerce if:

You want a free app that enables users to upload multiple photo reviews, has good customer support, review reminders, and you aren’t a complete beginner because they lack proper onboarding.

Choose Growave if:

You want an app with a strong emphasis on loyalty points, rewards, reviews, wish lists, UGC, Instagram, and more.

Additionally, we’ve prepared a comparison table, covering the essential features to worry about.

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives Quick Comparison – Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals

Overview of Shopify Product Reviews App

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Shopify Product Reviews

Shopify Product Reviews App

According to an eMarketer report, 98% of consumers will look at product/service reviews before purchasing. This means it’s vital to have quality reviews on your website to boost credibility and increase sales.

While Shopify may have created a free reviews app for its users, it doesn’t mean it’s always an excellent choice to go with.

Shopify Product Reviews supports only basic features, such as bulk review importing from CSVs, basic customization options, and others.

But if you need anything more advanced, then it’s not the right tool for you.

What’s wrong with Shopify Product Reviews:

  1. It’s visually unappealing & no photo reviews – Profitable stores that have a good reputation and strong branding understand the importance of customer reviews. They won’t risk damaging their store appearance with a low-quality product review section. But most importantly, they don’t support photo reviews. It’s apparent that adding images to your review increases credibility but sadly with Shopify product reviews, it’s not possible.
Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Shopify Product Reviews App

Shopify Product Reviews App

  1. No method to limit reviews to verified customers – Unless through manual publishing where you can assess each review.
  2. No automation capabilities – There’s no option to email customers for product reviews automatically.
  3. It’s not incredibly user-friendly when it comes to the user interface.

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Shopify Product Reviews App

Shopify Product Reviews App


We would only recommend this Shopify app if, for whatever reason, you’re unable to spend any money on a product reviews app and would otherwise not use an app for reviews/testimonials at all.

But as you’re going to learn soon, other free alternatives function better than this app.

Other than that, we highly recommend going with any of the paid alternatives as they bring a lot to the table and will be worth investing in for any store.

Let’s explore the alternatives.

Vitals – One App to Rule Them All

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Vitals

Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals now

Unlike other Shopify Product Reviews alternatives on the list, Vitals offers a lot more than just product reviews.

With over 40+ apps in one, it aims to revolutionize the way you traditionally use Shopify apps. The goal is to replace other commonly used apps with a single powerful app that has a standardized quality, and you’re only paying for a single monthly fee.

Interesting right?

Vitals provides your store with everything you need to have a high conversion rate, more sales, and a better user experience.

On top of that, it will seriously impact your usual Shopify app spending. Instead of paying $200+ for multiple Shopify apps, you can pay $29.99 and get 40+ apps in one.

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Vitals Pricing

Vitals comparison – Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals now

From product reviews, currency conversion, wheel of fortune, to pop-ups, countdown timers, to search options. Vitals allows you to turn your store into a sales machine.

Check out what 40+ apps you get for a single price.

Getting started is super easy. Onboarding only takes a few minutes as you browse through a list of apps and customize any tool to your liking. It’s enjoyable and easy to set up.

Reasons to choose Vitals

  1. 40+ tools in one – Chances are you won’t be using all the 40+ apps. But even if you’ll be using only a handful of apps, probably you’ll end up paying significantly less than at this moment.
  2. 24/7 stellar customer support – No, like really – Here’s the average response time for December 2020.
  3. Cost-effective – Only $29.99 per month for all 40+ apps (based on usage)
  4. Importing existing reviews is effortless – By merely importing data from CSV files, you can easily switch from Shopify Product Reviews, JudgeMe, Growave, Loox, Ryviu, Stamped, Yotpo, and nearly every other product reviews tool as well.
  5. Product Reviews app in VITALS is one of the most widely used review apps on Shopify. It allows you to import up to 200 reviews/products in a single click. The reviews themselves can also be translated into local languages (in fact, even names also.)
  6. Zero website bloat & lighting fast loading because of Cloudflare caching functionality
Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Vitals

Vitals benefits – Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals now

  1. Frequent product updates and a community eager to help.
  2. Zero-coding needed – None of the tools will require you to know code to set them up and have it live on your store from start to finish.
  3. Compatible with all themes – Never worry about any of the apps conflicting with your theme.

Reasons NOT to choose Vitals

  • It doesn’t have video reviews yet. But it’s a feature that will arrive soon.
  • It’s not yet ready for enterprise e-commerce stores as it does not have SOC2 and SLA compliance.

Vitals pricing

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Vitals Pricing

Simply pricing – Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals now

Vitals offers a cost-effective solution starting at $29.99 per month, based on usage (tracked orders per month or revenue or page views, etc.) and no hidden fees. Since many features have no usage restrictions, you won’t have to worry about reaching the limit.

Suppose you’re currently using multiple apps that you see Vitals offers. In that case, switching can save you a hefty amount every month.

Who should use Vitals?

If you’re in the process of scaling up your e-commerce business and are looking for ways to optimize the user experience and increase conversions, this is the perfect app for you.

Not only will you save money and simplify your app management with a single powerful app, but you’ll also speed up your store, increase revenue and get stellar customer support to help you with any obstacle you face.

You’ll only pay a single monthly fee for over 40 apps to choose from.

Try it out with a 30-day free trial

Product Reviews by Judge.me

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Judge.meJudge.me

With 4000+ 5 star reviews, Judge.me is one of the best Shopify Product Reviews alternatives for people who want beautiful product review designs and fantastic customer support.

What we loved about this product is how affordable it is and how much functionality it packs. It’s a great value purchase.

This app allows you to generate reviews on autopilot, craft beautiful reviews, share them across social media channels, and many other things.

Reasons to choose Judge.me

Besides the reasons mentioned above:

  1. They offer a “free forever” package – It’s an excellent incentive for switching from Shopify product review to Judge.me as you’re still not spending a dime, and you get a better overall app.
  2. Unlimited review requests per month (even in the free package). Usually, apps will have built-in restrictions forcing you to upgrade to more expensive packages to increase the limit. That’s not the case here.
  3. User profiles – Users will be able to create user profiles that allow them to edit review submissions, add pictures, change personal information.
  4. Email blacklisting – Super important if you want to avoid sending emails to particular people or want to prevent “capture-all,” no-reply mailboxes.
  5. SMS requests – An interesting feature that not many competitors offer. You can send review requests via SMSBump or SMS Notifications. Definitely fun to play with.

Reasons NOT to choose judge.me

  • It is solely intended for product reviews – Other alternatives on this list offer various features designed for multiple use-cases, as opposed to Judge.me, which is a product reviews-only solution.
  • Lack of automation – Don’t get us wrong. The platform does offer basic automation capabilities like collecting emails from customers, but we would like to see more than that.

Judge.me pricing

Judge.me pricing

Judge.me offers a “Forever Free” package and an “Awesome” $15 per month package.

It’s worth looking at their feature list to compare whether the free package does the job for you or whether you should opt for the paid deal.

Regardless of your choice, both are worth trying out & will not disappoint.

Who should use Judge.me?

If you’re mainly looking for a Shopify Product Review alternative that blows Shopify Product Reviews out of the water for essentially the same price (free) or up to $15 per month additional features, you should go with Judge.me.

While it doesn’t offer a variety of features that optimize the overall store experience as Vitals does, it’s fantastic for its original use-case, which is customer reviews.

Photo Reviews by Avada commerce

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Avada

Avada Photo Reviews app is another interesting app to look at. Trusted by 37,000+ merchants, it’s a product reviews app with most of the features of other alternatives on the list.

One of the reasons we chose to look at it is because it’s free and allows for photo reviews while offering fast customer service.

But let’s take a more in-depth look.

Reasons to choose Avada photo reviews

  1. It’s free – If you’re switching from Shopify Product Reviews you’ll quickly adapt to this new tool and not pay a dime.
  2. Fast customer support – We’ve received an answer within a few minutes that helped resolve our question.
  3. Basic translation capabilities – For some stores, it’s a must feature as they’re operating in non-English-speaking countries.
  4. Option to upload multiple photo reviews – Customers can upload multiple photos at once with high quality and original image size.
  5. Review reminder – As the name suggests, it allows you to collect and manage reviews from customers. You can also send email reminders to customers who have not left a review yet or haven’t uploaded an image they can add afterward.
  6. Reporting system – There’s a review report that enables you to see reviews listed by customers, products, or ratings. Additionally, there’s a reminder email report that shows the total emails sent, emails opened, and written reviews. This can be useful if you like to track those basic metrics just to see overall performance. You can also see the review summary: show average rating, number of reviews, and star rating breakdown at frontend.
  7. Fully responsive & compatible with all themes – Nothing special compared to other alternatives on the list. Still, it’s good to know you won’t need to worry about this plugin conflicting with your theme and ruining the user experience.

Reasons NOT to choose Avada photo reviews

  1. Confusing to use – After installation, the app didn’t provide any onboarding that helps the user get started asap (getting started is difficult). For beginners who have zero knowledge of how these sorts of apps work, this can be an unpleasant experience.

Avada product screenshot

  1. A small number of customization options – Outside of the basic color changes and layout rotation, it offers nothing new or exciting as we’ve seen with Product reviews by Judge.me, or even Vitals. Thankfully there is a section that allows you, front-end developers, to add custom CSS, which is always useful.
  2. Lacks interesting functionalities that other alternatives offer – Unlike Judge.me or Vitals, for example, there’s not much to look at in Avada photo reviews. This isn’t necessarily bad if you’re not looking for or need such features in the first place.

As with any tool, it’s a good idea to see what core features your business needs and then take one for a spin.

Avada Photo Reviews pricing

Since the app is free, there’s nothing to talk about here.

Who should use Avada Photo Reviews?

This app is a decent replacement for Shopify Product Reviews with far less functionality and lower overall quality.

If you’re a beginner and want a fast replacement that is free to use, offers photo reviews instead of basic text reviews, has a similar UI to Shopify Product Reviews, fewer bugs, and smoother experience, you will definitely not regret it.

P.S. it also has advanced reporting, essential review reminders, and social sharing so that your customers can share their reviews on social media.

Not bad for a free app.

Growave – Costly Shopify Product Reviews Alternative

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Growave

Growave is an interesting marketing platform for small and medium-sized Shopify stores, trusted by 12.000+ brands of all sizes. It essentially extends your marketing with powerful tools that increase your store’s credibility, trustworthiness and promotes more sales.

If you were to boil it down to its core features, you would get:

  1. Reviews
  2. Rewarding your customers with VIP benefits
  3. Wishlists & reminder emails
  4. Instagram and UGC.

What we really liked about the software was how well-developed and intuitive it was. While testing, we’ve had zero bugs, responsive design, beautiful UI to navigate through, making the experience highly enjoyable.

Let’s dive deeper into reasons you’d pick Growave and why you might want to avoid it.

Reasons to choose Growave

  1. Great build quality – Our experience (and experience of many other brands) was that Growave paid a lot of attention to make sure users didn’t get any bugs, lags, unnecessary wait times, etc., that would ruin the user experience.
  2. Good customer support – Many users said that they received a quick response whenever they reached out. The response is always professional, and they quickly resolve issues.
  3. Great onboarding experience (getting started is easy) – When you first install the app, you’ll quickly read-through a couple of slides explaining what to expect inside and what the benefits you can expect from each feature.
Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Growave
  1. Emphasis on loyalty points, rewards, reviews, wish lists, UGC, and more. With features like the points system, referral system, gift cards, VIP program, and many others, you can truly implement ways to reward loyal customers and promote more sales.
  2. Fast setup and intuitive design – You can get started in minutes, regardless of whether you need to import reviews from another app or source or start fresh. The design is intuitive, so you won’t be lost and confused about what your next step should be.
  3. Everything is fully translatable and customizable – You’ll be able to translate any aspect of the experience to whatever language you want. Customization is also good, and you won’t be left feeling dissatisfied with the lack of capabilities.
  4. Enables you to reply to reviews – Many apps lack the response feature is crucial for customers to feel heard. You can thank reviews for their reviews or clarify/get-back-to customers that are experiencing issues.
  5. Instagram UGC – With this feature, you can showcase UGC within your store to increase brand awareness. Simple tools will help you to create shoppable Instagram posts and drive even more sales. Additionally, you can turn your Instagram feed and user-generated content into shoppable galleries and allow your customers to shop directly from an Instafeed.

Reasons to NOT choose Growave.

  1. Costs more than other apps – Starting at $29.99 per month, you’ll be paying a slight premium compared to other alternatives that offer similar features (on the product reviews side). Additionally, most of the cool functionality you get for rewarding loyal customers is available inside the $69.99 per month package, which is no longer that cost-effective when you have Vitals for $29.99 with over 40+ tools available.
  2. Analytics dashboard or the Analytics functions are disappointing – If you’re heavily relying on analytics from these apps and your team demands a user-friendly interface, it might not be the best choice for you.


Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives - Growave PricingGrowave Pricing

Starting at $29.99 per month, it’s definitely not one of the cheaper Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives, but it does deliver a solid overall feel with no bugs or noticeable annoyances.

It’s important to note that most of the features you might look forward to will be in the Growth and Enterprise packages which are $69.99 or 299.99 per month, making it quite pricey for many e-commerce shops.

While they offer a free trial, you’ll need to have your Shopify store up and running (past Shopify free trial) in order to test the app out.

Who should use Growave?

If you’re looking for an app that replaces 6-7 other apps for capturing and displaying reviews, rewarding loyal customers, creating wishlists, and being able to create an Instagram shopping gallery on your website, we recommend trying Growave out.

Make sure the features you actually want are in the package you’re getting and make the most use of the 30-day free trial.

Comparison of The 4 Best Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives

Shopify Product Reviews Alternatives Comparison Table

Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals now

So, what is the perfect Shopify Product Reviews alternative for you?

“It depends” would be a suitable answer. But we’ll still try to give you a proper choice.

Choose Product Reviews by Judge.me if:

  1. A free package is a priority – Of course, you can upgrade for additional functionality.
  2. You rely on photos for review – Besides text reviews, Judge.me supports users adding their own images.
  3. You just need a product reviews app – Other alternatives on this list offer more than just product reviews so it’s worth considering if perhaps you want more than that.
  4. You’re a beginner or just someone who needs great onboarding and a user-friendly experience. We’ve reviewed many tools that offer little to nothing for helping users get started. As they install the app, they’re left confused and quickly switch to another app, so let’s avoid that.

Choose Photo Reviews by Avada commerce if:

  1. You want a completely free app – Of course, that comes with a lack of functionality, design, and fast customer support.
  2. Offers photo reviews as opposed to text-only reviews. If you’re switching from Shopify Product Reviews, this is an instant upgrade.
  3. You’re not a beginner, and you don’t rely on a user-friendly interface and pointers everywhere to get up and running. The UI can use a bit of work, and it’s definitely not exactly user-friendly but won’t require any coding skills.
  4. You don’t require many customization options. This app does offer customization, but it’s limited. Regardless, you’ll feel the upgrade when compared to Shopify Product Reviews.

Choose Growave if:

  1. You’re not afraid to pay a premium – Starting at $29.99 per month, don’t be surprised to find most of the features you’re looking forward to in the more expensive packages.
  2. You’re looking for an app that can replace 6-7 other apps for capturing and displaying reviews, rewarding loyal customers, creating wishlists, and being able to create an Instagram shopping gallery on your website.
  3. Fast customer service, amazing build quality, and a user-friendly onboarding experience are what you’re looking for.

Choose Vitals if you want:

  1. Fresh product review design. A great design can go a long way to improving building trust and improving conversion rate.
  2. Customer support with a swift response time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how responsive and helpful a customer support team can get.
  3. An all-in-one app with over 40 different products (not just reviews).
  4. To save money, but also work on many other aspects of your store experience.
  5. Pay a single monthly fee for all 41 apps.

Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals now


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