We’ve Compared 4 Awesome Yotpo Alternatives & Competitors – Here’s Our Extensive Evaluation

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“I wish I had known this before getting set up with the pro version!”

“Don’t mind paying but the cost is way too much compared to other good alternatives.”

“Wish I had read the reviews prior. Time to switch, I guess.”

These are just a couple of Yotpo reviews we came across.

That’s why we have decided to test out 5 different Yotpo Alternatives and ease up the process of choosing the right one for you!

We’ve tested the following tools:

  1. Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos
  2. Yotpo alternative #1 – Vitals | 40+ apps in one
  3. Yotpo alternative #2 – Fera Product Reviews App
  4. Yotpo alternative #3 – Feefo Ratings & Reviews
  5. Yotpo alternative #4 – Loox Product Reviews Referrals

For better understanding and comparison, we’ve rated these tools based on the following criteria:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Feature Score (How feature-rich some platforms are compared to the others?)
  3. Customer Support
  4. Pricing
  5. Aesthetic


1. Choose Vitals if:

You want to have 40+ apps in one that saves both time and money and will help you skyrocket your conversion rates.

2. Choose Fera.ai if:

You want personalized reviews for each customer, to follow the customer’s journey, and have beautiful customizations.

3. Choose Feefo Ratings if:

You want straightforward, actionable reports, and money is not the problem.

4. Choose Loox if:

If you want most of the cool features and aren’t afraid to pay a small premium every month.

Additionally, we’ve prepared a comparison table, covering the essential features to worry about.

Yotpo alternatives comparison table

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos – Overview

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos Homepage

Yotpo is definitely on the more impressive side of the product review apps. It has been on the market for over a decade now, and I know their game. However, not everything is flawless.

What we like about Yotpo:

  • Official partnership with Google – Yotpo’s suite of advanced Google Search features for eCommerce brands is fantastic if you want to boost your visibility and traffic from search engines.
  • Customer support – ultra-responsive and pleasant staff. Yotpo’s customer service didn’t leave us waiting for a minute and helped us with all problems.
  • Integrations – you name it, Yotpo integrates with almost everything helping you maximize the power of UGC. Zendesk, Walmart, Bazaarvoice, LoyaltyLion, Hubspot, and Mailchimp are just a few. Collect your customer’s reviews from everywhere.

What we didn’t like about Yotpo:

  • Price – We would’ve been paying approximately $450 per month just to have a Google Partnership integration. Additionally, without a premium plan, you won’t have basic integrations. The app forces you to upgrade over time to have additional features that make you feel stupid for using it in the first place.
  • Bugs – There were few cases during testing where the widgets broke down entirely for no apparent reason, didn’t update, or even deleted some reviews. Their support was quick to help, but they had no idea as to why it happened. This isn’t a recurring problem but can be frustrating if it happens.
  • No free-trial – there is a free plan, but no free trial that lets you test all of their features, so if you want more features, you will first have to upgrade without even knowing what you are signing for.

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo pricing

Unfortunately, their free pricing plan offers very little outside of testing the tool out. It only includes 50 monthly orders, so it should be treated as a prolonged free trial in reality.

If you want to increase the limits and get more features, you’ll need to get in touch with their sales representatives by requesting a demo.

For us, the biggest deal breaker with Yotpo is its high pricing compared to other alternatives that offer the same functionality. If you are a bigger e-commerce brand and need specific features that Yotpo alternatives don’t offer, it makes sense to stick with them. Otherwise, you may want to consider some other options.

Yotpo Alternative #1: Vitals – One App to Rule Them All


Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

If you’re looking to simplify your Shopify app management and reduce your monthly costs while gaining a ton of store functionality to optimize user experience, then Vitals is the perfect app for you.

Vitals offer much more than just product reviews. It’s a single powerful, cost-effective app that condenses 40+ apps in one, helping you create a fantastic user experience for your customers.

You’ll have everything you need to skyrocket your conversion rates and customer experience while only paying a single fee per month. Just like their name implies, everything vital for your success in one place.

To visual just how much you can save, see the comparison image below:

Vitals pricing comparison

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial

If you’re using 5,10,15 Shopify apps, you can easily see how switching to Vitals can provide a significant store speed boost and lowering costs.

Returning to the product reviews aspect.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Multi-Photo Reviews
  • Review Replies
  • Import & Export Reviews in .CSV
  • 1-click Review Import Tool
  • Featured Reviews on Homepage
  • Curated & Translated Reviews
  • Auto-Request Review Emails
  • Review Rating Snippets
  • Verified Reviews Badge
  • Fully customizable
Vitals Product Reviews

Onboarding is very straightforward and easy. It only takes a few minutes to browse through all the 40+ different apps and customize them to fit your preferences.

From product reviews, currency conversion, wheel of fortune, to pop-ups, countdown timers, to search options. Vitals allows you to turn your store into a sales machine.

Check out what 40+ apps you get for a single price.

Reasons to choose Vitals:

  • Cost-effective – only $29.99 a month (based on usage) for all vital 😏 apps is a no-brainer.
  • Fantastic customer support – while Yotpo does have fast customer support, Vitals does a better job at it. Here’s the average response rate for December 2020.
  • Translatable into local languages – Product Reviews app in VITALS is one of the most widely used review apps on Shopify. It allows you to import up to 200 reviews/products in a single click. The reviews themselves can also be translated into local languages (including the names.)
  • Effortless switching from other apps – by simply importing data from CSV files, you can easily switch from Yotpo, Loox, Ferrara.ai, Feefo or any other product review app on the market to Vitals.
  • Zero website bloat & lighting fast loading because of Cloudflare caching functionality.

Reasons not to choose Vitals:

  • No video reviews yet – however, it’s a feature that will arrive soon.
  • No SOC2 and SLA compliance – this currently makes Vitals not an ideal solution for enterprise eCommerce brands that require that extra security.

Vitals Pricing:

Vitals Pricing

After the 30 days free trial, your monthly subscription is $29.99 with no hidden fees. Most of the paid plan features are unlimited, so you won’t have to worry about having to upgrade.

On average, you will save a lot while using Vitals instead of paying for multiple different apps instead.

Who is Vitals for?

If you are scaling up your e-commerce business and are looking for ways to optimize customer experience and increase conversions, this is the perfect app for you.

Not only will you save money and simplify your app management with a single powerful app, but you’ll also speed up your store, increase revenue and get stellar customer support for all of your apps at the same time.

And, you’ll only pay a single monthly fee for 40+ apps to choose from.

Try it out with a 30-day free trial.

Yotpo Alternative #2: The Fera Product Reviews app ‑ Product Reviews

The Fera Product Reviews app

Fera is another great Yotpo alternative & competitor that provides aesthetically pleasing reviews to display on your Shopify store.

Fera is interesting because it enables your customers to add videos as reviews which is a great way to promote UGC (User Generated Content) and build trust and community.

Here are some of its interesting features:

  • UGC in the form of videos, photos, and reviews anywhere
  • Social proof pop-ups
  • Show shopper count
  • A/B testing
  • Personalization
  • Analytics
  • And much more.

Without further ado, here are the reasons to choose and not to select this Yotpo alternative.

Reasons to choose Fera:

  • Shopper Journey – a fun feature that lets you see very simplistically what a person does on your website before placing an order. Fera will also calculate what the customer is likely to buy and what they are interested in based on the data. This can help you a lot to optimize your customer experience for more conversions.
  • Personalized reviews – Fera allows you to show personalized reviews to visitors based on their interest and likelihood of buying to trigger additional purchases.
  • Show reviews in Google – these product reviews can show in SERP because they are SEO friendly.
  • Easy customization – no-code required. You can easily customize every piece of content.
Fera Product Reviews app - features

Reasons not to choose Fera:

  • Pricing – If you want the best of this app, you will have to pay a hefty price. As you’ll see for the following reasons, some fascinating features are only included in the more expensive packages. Make sure you know precisely everything you need before on the package.
  • A limited number of admin users – At $9 per month, you’ll only have one user available to use the app. As you upgrade your packages, you’ll be allowed to 3, 5, and 10+ users. Increase the limit on the number of users is super handy if you’re running a growing eCommerce brand, and you want to delegate these tasks to your colleagues.
  • A limited number of review requests per month – At $9 per month, you’ll only be able to send 100 review requests per month, which is not enough for a growing store. Remember that not every review request you send will turn into an actual review on your store. You’ll need to send more review requests to more people.
  • A/B Testing feature is only available on the $99 per month package and the custom plan – While it’s not a must-have feature, it would’ve been nicer if cheaper packages also enabled users to play with it.

The Fera Product Reviews app – Pricing

The Fera Product Reviews app - Pricing

Fera does a great job at providing the essential features in its cheapest ($9 per month), but if you’re attracted by a particular feature that other Yotpo alternatives and competitors don’t offer, check their pricing packages more in-depth to ensure you get what you want in the paid plan you choose.

Free Trial – lasts 14 days

Free – For stores doing less than $500 per month

$9/mo (startup) 100 review requests sent/month, limited customization, 3 widgets, and for stores with less than $5000 monthly revenue,

$29/month (small) 1,000 review requests sent/month, 10 widget limit, for $50k monthly revenue stores

$99/month (medium) 10,000 review requests sent/month, 20 widget limit,, $200k monthly revenue

Who is Fera Product Reviews app for:

Fera emphasizes the shopping journey feature that tailors reviews and testimonials to your customers based on their shopping history. On top of that, there are analytics and A/B testing features, which are mostly available in the more expensive packages.

If these features don’t excite you and you’re really only looking for product reviews, then there are more affordable alternatives that get the job done.

Yotpo Alternative #3: Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz

Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz

Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz is another cool Yotpo alternative & competitor that enables you to display existing reviews and testimonials from your social media profiles and show off review count and rating on the Google search engine results page.

Reasons to choose Kudobuzz’s product reviews app:

  • Automatically gather social media reviews – not every customer will leave a review on your store. That’s okay. With Kudobuzz’s app, you can automatically capture those authentic reviews and display them on your store as you usually would.
  • Collect reviews from pretty much any platform – easily collect and display photos and video product reviews and reviews from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Etsy. This is a unique feature that a tiny number of product review apps facilitate.
  • You can send review requests automatically via email and SMS – while automatic review request isn’t something unique about Kudobuzz, it’s something that not every Yotpo alternative & competitor offers, and it’s very useful for collecting reviews.
  • Customize your review request emails and SMS to match your branding – many Yotpo alternatives miss out on enabling email and SMS customization, increasing the number of customers that leave reviews by a lot. Kudobuzz does a great job allowing brands to customize the user experience.
  • Awesome customer retention features – Whether it’s commenting on customer reviews, providing questions and answers and help desk moderation to provide review coupon rewards (a unique feature of Loox.app product reviews), they do a phenomenal job at helping you retain customers.

Reasons not to choose Kudobuzz’s product reviews app:

  • Pricey – While they allow you to stick with the free “Coffee” plan, most of the interesting features require you to pay. With the first paid plan starting at $19.99 per month, it’s not the most affordable app on the market compared to other Yotpo alternatives and competitors.
  • Unlimited product reviews on websites only in the most expensive package. This might be a major con for stores that don’t have a budget to pay $200 per month for this app. At $20/mo, you can publish 2000 reviews, at $50/mo, 10000 reviews, and at the $200/mo package, you can post an unlimited number of reviews. This really depends on how many customers you have every month.
  • Limited free plan – truly made for beginner store owners who are generating less than $500 per month in revenue. You’ll only have 100 review request emails per month to send, no Google Rich Snippets, no customer retention features mentioned previously, and many of the automation features you’ll find very handy.
  • Removable branding only in paid plans. If you’re looking for a free Yotpo alternative without Kudobuzz branding, this is not the app for you.
  • Downgrading your package will require you to email their team, according to users.

Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz Pricing:

Kudobuzz Pricing

As previously mentioned, this Yotpo alternative will cost a small premium month to month, so it’s essential to evaluate if you really need the features they offer, or perhaps you only need photo/video reviews without the extra fancy features.

Who is Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz for:

Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz is for eCommerce brands with customer reviews and testimonials across various social media platforms and want to automate their review collecting and requesting with one single app. Additionally, if your business relies on offline sales, you’ll appreciate the ability to collect reviews through SMS.

Yotpo alternative #4 Loox Product Reviews Referrals

Loox Product Reviews Referrals

Loox is one of the most popular Shopify Reviews Apps on the market, with 6,000+ positive reviews and over 100,000 merchants. It’s essentially a Shopify app that helps you increase social proof by collecting reviews with photos and sharing them – on autopilot.

Reasons to choose Loox:

  • It is effortless to use – getting started only takes a couple of minutes, through which you’re carefully guided, so you don’t miss an essential step in the process.
Personalize your reviews widget - loox
  • Easy to import Aliexpress reviews and Amazon reviews (CSV) to your product reviews – a handy feature for dropshippers. It also allows you to select which reviews to import and which not to. This will enable you to pick the reviews that resonate the most with your target audience.
  • Support for 17 different languages – the English language is not the only language in the world, and Loox acknowledges this. This Yotpo alternative enables you to review requests, reminder emails and translate all widgets to your desired language.
  • Offer discounts to customers that leave reviews – This neat and unique feature of Loox allows you to give discounts to customers who left reviews and feedback. Many of its users found great success with increasing the number of reviews customers leave by providing them with store discounts for their favourite products.
  • Social Sharing – all of the reviews are ready to be shared across social media and maximize the impact of social proof.
Setting up a referral discount for loyal customers - Loox

Reasons NOT to choose Loox:

  • Pricey compared to other Yotpo alternatives – starting at $9.99 per month, most of the exciting features are in the more expensive packages up to $100 per month.
  • Lack of customization – customization is not Loox product reviews apps’ strong suit. Yes, you can change the essential coloring, but that’s about it. If you’re looking to completely change the way your widget would usually look, it’s better to look for another Yotpo competitor.
  • Signature look and logo – you’ll be stuck with Loox’s logo in your email review requests until you upgrade to a pro plan at $65 per month which is, again, not cost-effective compared to other Shopify apps on the list. Additionally, after upgrading to the pro plan, you’ll still have to use Loox’s generic customer review design as other 100,000+ other Shopify stores do due to lack of customisation.

Loox Pricing:

Loox pricing

Loox offers 4 different pricing packages, and we only recommend the basic one if you’ve only started your store and are looking to upgrade later on.

The advanced package enables you to acquire all Loox widgets, have additional customization options, import more AliExpress reviews at once, and get integration capabilities.

Keep in mind that to remove Loox branding, you’ll have to use the Pro package at $59.99 per month.

Who is Loox for?

Loox is an awesome Yotpo alternative for eCommerce brands that are willing to pay a little extra for a well-polished photo reviews app with Google Shopping, number of integrations, seamless review importing features, and so much more.

A comparison table – The 4 Best Yotpo alternatives & competitors:

Table comparison of The 4 Best Yotpo alternatives & competitors

What is the best Yotpo alternative for you?

We know that you are sick and tired of the “it depends on your business needs” type of answers, so we have condensed our research into actionable takeaways.

Choose Fera Product Reviews App if:

  • You want to give each customer a personalized experience.
  • Want to follow customers’ journeys and maximize the conversion rate.
  • Want plenty of customization features.

Choose Photos, Social & Etsy Reviews by Kudobuzz if:

  • You want to automatically capture social media reviews (Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Etsy.)
  • You want to send review requests automatically via email and SMS. Again, emails aren’t unique, but SMS messages are not something every Yotpo alternative offers. If you have many offline sales, you can definitely utilize this cool feature.
  • Commenting, offering questions and answers, help desk moderation, and review coupon rewards is something you know you can utilize to build trust, credibility and boost sales.

Choose Loox Product Reviews Referrals if:

  • You want a Shopify app with a great onboarding experience & ease of use.
  • Polished app with zero bugs.
  • Ability to share reviews on social media
  • Seamless review importing and a long list of languages supported (17+).

Choose Vitals – 40+ apps in one, if:

  • An all-in-one app with over 40 different products (not just reviews.)
  • Fresh product review design.
  • Customer support with a quick response time.
  • You want to save money while optimizing your customer experience.
  • Pay to start with a single monthly fee for all 41 apps.

Try Vitals now, with a 30-day free trial.



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