Last Minute Checklist for eCommerce businesses [BFCM 2021]

Nov 18, 2021 | Ecommerce

3 min read

With the holiday sales season approaching quickly, most businesses have been preparing for this for months but don’t worry if you aren’t one of them. 

Here’s a last-minute checklist of everything you need to do:

Update your home page

Your website’s home page is the first thing visitors see – make sure you communicate your offer clearly and include important details upfront. 

Update your copy

Include copy to address the Black Friday sale, duration of the campaign, and clear CTAs. “Shop Now” was the most popular CTA last year.

Update your design 

Whether you’re participating in Black Friday or not, your design should reflect the holiday season. 

Use our design inspiration tool to explore simple ideas. 

Generate and add a promo code 

Add your promo code front and center and give users the option to copy it easily. 

Update other pages

Other pages also need to include Black Friday related information like your shipping and returns policy, FAQ, 404 and downtime page.

Update Shipping & Returns 

During Black Friday, some retailers offer free shipping or extended returns which is a departure from normal. Make sure to update your policies.

Update FAQ page

Your FAQ page should also answer Black Friday related questions. Include answers to FAQs about the offers you’re running, your terms and conditions and possible delays. 

Update your 404 and downtime page

A broken link or a server down error is bad CX. But, it’s an opportunity to bring back a lost customer. Update the design to match the Black Friday aesthetic and links to helpful pages. 

Check your store’s speed

Use Shopify’s online store speed report to check your store’s speed. If your store’s speed is slow, try removing apps or plugins you don’t use or need. You can also delete pages like category pages or pages for out-of-stock products. 

Test the shopping experience

The best way to prepare for Black Friday is to step into your customer’s shoes. Test the whole shopping experience for yourself on multiple devices and browsers.  

Make sure it’s optimized for mobile devices since smartphone shoppers are a growing breed. 

Also, test support and see how long it takes to get a response.

Check your store’s security

An unsecured store is much worse than a store that loads slowly. Security lapses can damage your brand’s reputation. 

  • Check if your store has the latest security updates
  • Check your SSL certificate
  • Don’t store sensitive information
  • Back up your data

Prepare for increased demand

If experts’ predictions are anything to go by, this Black Friday will be bigger than last year. Preparing for the increased demand isn’t limited to your inventory. It also means your store must be able to handle the additional online traffic. 

Check if your hosting provider can handle traffic surges. If not, upgrade your hosting plan. Make sure to check the uptime guarantees in the SLA. 

In case your site crashes, be active on social media to let customers know when things will be back to normal.

Spread the word about your Black Friday campaign

Getting the word out there about your deals and offers is the most important step in the marketing strategy. But even with limited time, you can still get some traction. 

Make it a part of your organic social media strategy by posting on specific forums for better ROI. If you’re going to run paid ads, use Facebook. Although there are other ad networks, Facebook is still the #1 platform when it comes to ads.

Finally, let your customers know via short and crisp emails to promote your Black Friday sales. 

Make a copy of our interactive checklist to complete your last-minute Black Friday prep



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