Product Review Groups: The easiest way to sell more products

Oct 21, 2021 | Ecommerce

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On-page customer reviews = more sales

Could it be that simple? According to research from Bazaar, it is.

Product pages with customer reviews have 3.5x more conversions compared to pages that don’t. 

But wait.

How do you get more sales for new product variants when you have no reviews because the product is new, but you need reviews to get more sales?

Get around this Catch-22 with Product Review Groups. 

What are Product Review Groups?

It is an easy way to group similar products so that they share the same reviews.

Say, Product A has 5 reviews, and you launched Product B, which is a variant but has 0 reviews.

Once you group Product A and B together, Product B displays 5 reviews as well. When Product B earns 5 native reviews, Product A and B will show 10 reviews each.

This helps increase your store’s reliability resulting in more conversions and increasing your revenue.

When to use Product Review Groups? 

The main use case for product reviews groups is to group similar products to share reviews across grouped products.

But you can do more. 

#1. A/B test product description copy

Product descriptions have SEO benefits meaning they help people find you online.

But they also help with conversions. Salisfy’s “Cracking the Consumer Code” report found that product content is extremely important for 87% of shoppers when deciding to make a purchase. 

When testing which copy works better, feature different copy options under similar variants to see what works better. 

#2. Pit variants against each other

Don’t know if a bag in green will out-sell the same bag in red?

Group them and feature the same reviews under them and keep everything else the same. You’ll know soon enough which color is more popular and can adjust inventory accordingly.

#3. Sell seasonal products via off-season product reviews

Let’s say you sell seasonal items like St. Patrick’s day themed coats.

These specific coats are not on sale otherwise, but you may have similarly designed coats that use a different color scheme.

Grouping off-and-on season products ensures sales through the year. 

#4. Upsell upgraded versions for out-of-stock products

Reviews are crucial for all products but even more so for high-ticket items.

According to research by Spiegel, when higher-priced items display reviews, conversions increase by a whopping 380%.

If you have items that sell like hotcakes, you can upsell upgraded versions by featuring the same reviews. 

You can also group products to share reviews from older, similar products you no longer sell to launch upgraded products successfully.

#5. Sell different products with similar functionality

What if you sell products that share the same functionality or use similar tech?

You guessed it – group them.

For instance, if you sell remote-controlled cars and airplanes, you can create a group for “remote-controlled toys” and ensure better review distribution. 

Group reviews by product to minimize purchase risk, sales, and revenue

An underrated benefit of grouping product reviews is that it minimizes purchase risk.

We know that reviews mean more sales, but why is that?

Reviews are an integral part of the buying process.

According to Trustpilot, 9/10 customers make an effort to read reviews. Consumers treat online reviews like getting personalized recommendations from family or friends.

The stakes are much higher for new products with 0 reviews or products with a bigger price tag.

Customers “shop around,” but even more so when the perceived risk is greater.

In the pursuit of the best deal, they compare you to your competitors and it boils down to the word of the customers that purchased them. 

Whether you sell clothing, groceries, or electronics, reviews are among the top 3 factors influencing a buyer’s decision.

By making it easy to share on-page reviews for your products, you can increase sales and, consequently, revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are native reviews?

Native reviews mean reviews left on the original site instead of a third-party aggregator like Yelp. In this context, native reviews are reviews intended for a specific product in a product group. 

Can I exclude certain products from displaying the same reviews?

Yes, you can prevent shared reviews from appearing under certain products that have quite a few native reviews of their own.

How do I display the same reviews under similar products?

This feature is known as “Product Review Groups” or “Product Grouping.” Once you turn this on, it allows you to display the same reviews under similar products.



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