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If you want to open up an online store, you need a platform that can help you make full use of the internet. Enter SamCart and Shopify. SamCart and Shopify are two of the biggest e-commerce platforms out there. These heavy hitters are your go-to options. 

With that said, we know a lot of you are now looking for a SamCart vs. Shopify comparison. Well, you’ve come to the right because we, here at Vitals, are going to help you make the best decision.

Not only will we be discussing the features of each product in detail, but we’ve also created a handy comparison table for you to go over, including the pricing for each app.

Our Criteria

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s why we are going back to the trusty scale we used when reviewing Shopify trust badge apps and Shopify loyalty apps:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Feature Score
  3. Customer Support
  4. Aesthetics
  5. Pricing


  • Pick SamCart if you are just starting. Especially good for individuals such as Youtubers, Online Sellers, Authors, etc.
  • Go with Shopify if you are a business. It is a great tool for both small and medium businesses. The Shopify Plus Plan also houses enterprises.

SamCart vs. Shopify

SamCart vs. Shopify

Now for those of you who have the time to stick around, let’s finally settle the debate on SamCart vs. Shopify.


Star rating: 4.6

Key Feature: Super user-friendly e-commerce platform

Starting Price: $49/ month (14-day free trial available)

SamCart vs. Shopify

We kick things off with SamCart. This is probably your best option if you are someone who highly values simplicity. Founded in 2014, this company is relatively new to the scene

This app strives to make the sales funnel as simple and efficient for users as possible.

They love to make it easy for the customers. How do they do that?

Standout Features

Sales Page Design

The sales page design on this software is quite impressive. The drag and drop builder is super easy to use, and the pre-designed templates mean that most of the work is already done for you.

Quick Integration

You can easily sync with 750+ business tools with Zapier at your side. 

Revenue Optimization

The revenue optimization features include but are not limited to one-click upsells, a/b testing, advanced reporting, pre-purchase order bumps, and smart pixel tracking.


This app has a few ingenious add-ons in subscription saver, affiliate center, and cart abandonment, making the buying process easier.

Core Commerce

Last but not least, it hosts a multitude of features to help run your business smoothly. With tax and refunds, custom fields, payment processors, and payment options all tracked under one app.

SamCart vs. Shopify – Why You Should Choose SamCart

SamCart vs. Shopify


This app focuses a fair bit on simplicity. Instead of going all out with a huge number of features, they decide to be concise and keep things easy. This is great for beginners.


Zero transaction fees, powerful certifications, and built-in SSL and security make this a very reliable platform.

SamCart – Shortcomings

Lack of Features

SamCart makes a few sacrifices to achieve that directness. This ends up costing it in the SamCart vs. Shopify debate.

Boring Interface

The aesthetics of this platform are a little bleak, in our opinion. Less is more doesn’t always work, and this is a good example of that.

Steep Pricing

The simplicity comes at a cost. There are few plans to go with, unfortunately, and none of the plans are budget-friendly.


As we mentioned, the pricing options are limited and not the best out there.

SamCart vs. Shopify

User Reviews

The pricing seems to be worth it, however, with shining reviews.

SamCart vs. Shopify


Star rating: 5

Key Feature: The Complete Package

Starting Price: $29/ month (14-day free trial available)

SamCart vs. Shopify

Moving to the undisputed GOAT of e-commerce platforms. Shopify may not be as easy to use as our previous contender, but a slightly higher configuration comes with dozens of additional features.

Shopify is less of an app and more of a platform, meaning it houses several impressive apps that make your user’s shopping experience and your business management experience quick and rewarding.

Before we dive into the standout features of Shopify itself, let’s take a look at a few of its most capable apps.

SamCart vs. Shopify

Now that you understand the concept of Shopify apps a bit. Let’s take a look at the features that make this platform shine and help its cause in the SamCart vs. Shopify debate.

Standout Features

Centralized Point of Sale

Shopify allows you to use just one platform to sell anywhere and to anyone. The custom online store with customizable buttons improves user-friendliness and makes your shop accessible.


Shopify helps you attract the right audience with effective SEO and an interesting blog. Email marketing, Google smart shopping, and Facebook ads will also be at your disposal. The marketing dashboard also helps you keep track of your efforts.

Business Management

Speaking of the marketing dashboard, the number of business management tools available on this platform is simply jaw-dropping. You can view your orders and fulfilments, insights, and payment all on one platform.

SamCart vs. Shopify – Why You Should Choose Shopify

Features Galore

We decided to group most features to make a more concise list of standout features for this platform. If we went into detail, we could talk about the features all day.

Flexible Pricing

The pricing options, which we’ll get to soon, on this platform are vast. There’s something for everyone.


Since you can get the apps according to your needs, there is no limit to how much you can customize your online store.

Excellent Customer Support

The award-winning customer support can help you with any queries you have 24/7. A live team is always ready to assist customers with their questions and confusion. 

Shopify Shortcoming

Complicated At Times 

The only flaw of this app is the fact the immense number of features makes it a little tough to use. Customer support can help you with that, however.


As we mentioned before, there’s a plan for everybody, with customizable plans available for enterprises.

SamCart vs. Shopify

User Reviews

Users are super satisfied with this immersive platform.

SamCart vs. Shopify



Once you’ve signed up for Shopify, you can smoothen your journey by implementing Vitals. 

This platform has more than 40 different apps that store owners can benefit from. For example, our most popular apps are Product Reviews, Currency Converter, Visitor Replays, Trust Badges, etc. 

Using Vitals, you can spend less time choosing between the right apps to actually get work done. 


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SamCart vs. Shopify – Why Is Shopify Better?

Unlike SamCart and its lack of features, Shopify offers tons of incredible templates and designs that store owners can opt for. It also has a galore of different apps, such as VITALS, that contribute to making a store as responsive as possible. 

There are also more than a handful of marketing tools that can help you get started on the platform. From viewing all orders and insights to paying from the dashboard – Shopify is an all-rounder. 

SamCart, on the other hand, falls short when it comes to the interface (pretty bleak), pricing plans. In regards to the overly simplified designs and templates, the package plans are anything but affordable!

Final Words

In conclusion, both platforms have something to show for. SamCart specializes in simplicity, providing an easy-to-use platform for beginners. Shopify, on the other hand, is an extensive package including any feature you could think of.

If we had to choose a winner, it would be Shopify. This is because you can easily fix its drawback by using an all-inclusive app, such as Vitals, which makes the usage much simpler.

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