The Best Shopify Pre-Order Apps We Tried — Our Top 3

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Don’t let the empty stocks prevent you from selling — pre-order Shopify apps make sure you stay in the game at all times.

Customers get highly-desired items, and you continue to increase revenue: it’s a win-win.

These are the must-have features each pre-order app needs:

  1. Auto-activated pre-order button
  2. “Available For Pre-Order” or similar badges suggesting the same
  3. Room for additional info and offers such as discounts, BOGO deals, shipping info, etc: the more, the better

Not all Shopify pre-order apps work in the same way. To make sure we pick the best, we also checked and tested their:

  • Ease of Use
  • Feature Score
  • Aesthetics
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing

The following pre-order apps have it all but cater to different needs.

Here’s A TL;DR:

  • Get Vitals if you need a reliable pre-order app and 40+ additional must-have apps for your Shopify store, speeding things up and making customers happy;
  • Pick Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand if you need a simple, all-inclusive solution for pre-orders;
  • Choose Pre-Order NOW by Globo if you need a feature-rich pre-order app with multiple customizations and payment options for customers.

And here’s a quick comparison table:

best shopify pre order apps comparison table

Want to know more? Stick around — there’s a complete comparison cheat sheet at the end of the article. 🎁

#1 Shopify Pre-Order App: Vitals Pre-Orders (+40 Additional Apps)

  • Star rating: 5.0 stars ⭐⭐⭐
  • Key features: Pre-Order, FOMO/ Urgency apps, timers — more than 40+ conversion-boosting apps and one monthly fee for all
  • Starting price: $29.99/ month
Vitals – Shopify Pre-Orders, and 40+ more apps

The Shopify Pre-Order app by Vitals helps increase revenue by allowing customers to purchase items before they’re publicly available. The pre-order button automatically appears when products aren’t available:

Vitals Pre-Order app

The animated button has additional elements included: stock scarcity info, timer, shipping info, and recent sales notifications.

This is how customers’ carts look:

Vitals Pre-Order app — cart preview

Along with the pre-order note, carts are enriched with additional conversion boosting elements, such as cart reserved timer and discount offer. With Vitals, customers are reminded of their pre-order in the order confirmation email.

Fine-tune the way buttons look and customize text, labels, and tags:

Vitals Pre-Order app — customization

The app is intuitive and easy to use, so you won’t need an expert to make changes:

Vitals Pre-Order app — customization
Vitals Pre-Order app — customization

Vitals Strengths

  • Enriched with other apps — As of now, no other app offers this much functionality packed in a single solution. In addition to Pre-Orders, there are 40 additional apps — some of them being:
    -FOMO/ Urgency apps: Stock Scarcity, Cart Reserved Timer, Countdown Timer;
    -Social Proof apps: Product Reviews, Shoppable Instagram Feed, Social Media Buttons;
    Upsell/ Cross-sell apps: Upsell Builder, Recently Viewed, Related Products;
    And plenty more — because Pre-Order is merely a part of the wider picture.
  • Improving store speed — As all apps work together like clockwork, so codes won’t clash with your store theme:
Vitals Pre-Order app — speed improvement
  • Fully translatable — Vitals makes it possible to cater to any market in the world and speak to your customers in their language;
  • Cost-effective — Total cost of Vitals equals the costs of a single app solving one task.

Vitals Weaknesses

  • No SLA and SOC compliance — This makes it a bad fit for enterprise ecommerce companies (but it’s on the roadmap);
  • No free plans — This is the only Shopify pre-order app on this list without one, but there’s a 30-day free trial to test the waters.

Vitals Pricing

Vitals pricing

Vitals pricing starts at $29.99 per month, and it’s usage-based, with no additional fees, and there’s a 30-day free trial.

What Other Users Say: Best And Worst Reviews

Vitals saved time and money for these customers and was easy to use:

Vitals reviews #1

However, some users don’t think it will pay off for stores that are not busy yet:

Vitals reviews #2

#2 Shopify Pre-Order App: Pre‑Order Now (by Website On-Demand)

  • Star rating: 4.6 stars ⭐
  • Key features: Automatic Pre-Order buttons and emails, Mixed Cart alerts
  • Starting price: $19.95/ month (free plan available)
#2 Shopify Pre-Order App: Pre‑Order Now (by Website On-Demand)

Pre‑Order Now by WOD is a no-brainer solution for preorders.

This app automatically places the “Pre-order now” buttons once the inventory items run out of stock. It does the same for the items which are coming soon. This way, “Out of stock” and “Unavailable” are replaced with something more promising.

Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand — Buttons

In addition to buttons, it will apply badges visible from the collection pages:

Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand — Badges

This app lets customers know their order’s status at every step, with cart labels, emails, and mixed cart warning notifications:

Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand — Emails
Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand — Mixed cart warning
Alert shoppers with mixed cart warning

Pre‑Order Now Strengths

  • Pre-order discounts — Applicable automatically to attract the customers; additionally, the Pre-order button appears with valuable info, like this delivery info shown in the demo store:
Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand — Pre-order discounts
  • Automation — It works as you set it and appears with tags for easier organization:
Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand — Order management
  • Compatible with quick views — Shows most important product details.

Pre‑Order Now Weaknesses

  • No live support — Customer support is quick to answer in most cases, but they would benefit from live support, especially for busy periods and BFCM shopping rush;
  • Not so feature-rich — And expensive for what it is.

Pre‑Order Now Pricing

Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand — Pricing

This app comes with a 14-day free trial for all paid plans.

What Other Users Say: Best And Worst Reviews

Pre‑Order Now is easy to use and pays off for these customers:

Pre‑Order Now Reviews #1

Others reported issues with automatic emails confusing with customers and no help with solving them:

Pre‑order Now by Website On-Demand — Reviews

#3 Shopify Pre-Order App: Globo Pre‑Order ‑ Preorder NOW (by Globo)

  • Star rating: 4.6 stars ⭐
  • Key features: Restock alerts, Pre-order buttons on Quickview, countdown timer
  • Starting price: $9.90/ month (free plan available)
#3 Shopify Pre-Order App: Globo Pre‑Order ‑ Preorder NOW (by Globo)

Globo Pre-Order is a solid app with plenty of pre-order features. It makes for a pleasant shopping experience even when the product is out of stock.

Pre-order buttons are customizable and appear for out-of-stock items. Enable a countdown timer to let people know when products are back in stock; the stock is automatically updated when the timer expires, and customers can shop regularly.

Full/partial payment is another option available for customers interested in purchasing pre-order items:

Globo Pre‑Order — Payment options

As for the settings, everything is convenient and available from a single dashboard with live tables:

Globo Pre‑Order — Dashboard

Globo Pre-Order has:

  • Mixed cart warnings
  • Discounts for pre-orders
  • Pre-order badges for collection pages

Globo Pre‑Order Strengths

  • Restock alert — If customers are unwilling to pre-order, collect their emails and notify them when the item is back in stock:
Globo Pre‑Order — Restock alert
  • Stock scarcity —Take advantage of scarcity marketing tactics to increase the number of purchases:
Globo Pre‑Order — Stock scarcity
  • Live chat support
  • Pre-order buttons on Quick view

Globo Pre‑Order Weaknesses

  • Code leftovers — One serious issue appears when you uninstall Globo Pre-Order: the 1-click uninstall does not remove everything, and several people reported it harmed website speed and functionality.

Globo Pre‑Order Pricing

Globo Pre‑Order — Pricing

There’s no mention of a free trial, but the free plan gives plenty of features to try out.

What Other Users Say: Best And Worst Reviews

This is what happy users had to say:

Globo Pre‑Order — Reviews

Some of them weren’t as happy, though:

Globo Pre‑Order — Reviews

Which Shopify Pre-Order App Is The Winner?

Your call — and here’s the comparison table to help you decide which one is the best fit for your Ecommerce:

best shopify pre order apps comparison table

Get Pre-Orders, And Much More — With Vitals

This is a one-app-to-rule-them-all type of deal. 🔥

Vitals will put an end to the constant search for Shopify apps that do the job right. While you’re handling pre-orders, get everything else sorted at the same time — website speed included.

Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals now


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