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Plenty of Shopify apps show related products to visitors, but trying them all is a daunting task — so we did it for you.

We tested more than 20 of these apps to find the ones that check all the boxes to make things easier for you. This is the criteria we used to assess:

  • Ease of Use
  • Feature Score
  • Aesthetics
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing

These features are must-haves for a high-quality products app:

  • Option to pick suggestions;
  • An abundance of product recommendations filters;
  • Ability to place the recommendations anywhere;
  • Attractive look + buttons/ additional convincing elements (ratings, Add to Cart buttons, Quick View, etc.);
  • Responsive on all screens and devices.

Take A Look At TL;DR:

  • Pick Vitals if you want to show the best related/recently viewed products with additional details and would benefit from 40+ additional apps packed in one, while speeding up the website;
  • Choose Related Products | Also Bought by Globo if you need a highly versatile and reliable related products app and don’t mind it being pricier;
  • Try Cross Sell Related Products by Cross Sell if tracking the analytics in-depth and easy-to-use apps are your thing.

Here’s the shorter version of the comparison table:

Vitals comparison table

Want to know more?

Keep reading — there’s also a full comparison table at the end of the article. 🎁

#1 Vitals: Related Products (+40 Additional Apps)

  • Star rating: 5.0 stars ⭐⭐⭐
  • Key features: Related Products, Recently Viewed + Product Reviews, Shoppable Instagram Feed, Shipping Information, etc. — more than 40+ conversion-boosting apps, one monthly fee
  • Starting price: $29.99/ month
Vitals: Related Products (+40 Additional Apps)

Among the other 40 conversion-boosting apps, Vitals has 2 of them dedicated to cross-selling and upselling store products.

Related Products app by Vitals helps increase average order value with store recommendations based on:

  • Browsing behavior
  • Previous actions
  • Tags
  • Product type
  • Collections
Vitals: Related Products settings

Choose the number of related products to show, display the add to cart buttons, set the related products section title and Sale Price Tag background color.

Arrange and prioritize the related product selection:

  1. Individual Product Sets — Pick specific sets of related store items to recommend;
  2. Global Product Set — Enables you to recommend specific items with every purchase.
Vitals: Related Products settings

There’s no learning curve — the app is easy to use and highly intuitive.

The same goes for the Recently Viewed app, reminding visitors of items they have viewed:

Vitals — Recently viewed

The suggestions also come in the shape of “Other customers also bought”:

Vitals — Other customers also bought

Vitals Strengths

  • Enriched with other Vitals apps — This is where other apps can’t compete: as of now, no other app offers this much functionality while speeding up the store:
Vitals - all about speed

Here’s how other apps help Related Products/Recently Viewed have greater impact:
-Star Rating from Product Reviews app appears below each suggested product, convincing them they’re equally as good;
-Sticky Add to Cart button is there for a single-click cart value increase;
-Pre-Order will increase the order value if the product is currently out of stock;
-Upsell Builder creates deals:

Vitals — Upsell builder
  • Fully translatable — With this app, cater to any market globally and speak to customers in their language.
  • Place them anywhere — It’s easy to place the recommendations across the website, even if you don’t know how to code:
Vitals: Related Products placement settings

Vitals Weaknesses

  • Basic design options — Vitals provides everything you need to create impactful and relevant offers, but you can’t go all out and tinker with everything.
  • No SLA and SOC compliance — This makes it a bad fit for enterprise ecommerce companies (but it’s on the roadmap).

Vitals Pricing

Vitals — Pricing

Vitals pricing starts at $29.99 per month, and it’s usage-based, with no additional fees.

Try Vitals with a 30-day free trial.

What Other Users Say: Best And Worst Reviews

Saving time and money, easy to use, amazing customer service:

Vitals reviews #1
Vitals reviews #2

On the other hand, some users didn’t see the usefulness for stores that are not busy yet:

Vitals reviews #2

#2 Cross Sell Related Products (by Cross Sell)

  • Star rating: 4.8 stars ⭐
  • Key features: Handpicked and global cross-sells, result tracking
  • Starting price: $19.99/ month (free plan available)
Cross Sell Related Products (by Cross Sell) by Cross Sell

With the Cross Sell Related Products app, set the rules for related and recommended products:

  • Handpick cross-sells — Manually select recommendations;
  • Global product cross-sells — Choose a specific set/ product for all products in the store;
  • Global cart cross-sells — Choose a specific set/ product to show up with every cart.

In addition to picking product recommendations, rely on AI-generated recommendations based on purchase history, order history, and previously viewed items.

Select and show up to 15 cross-sell items per page, along with “Add to cart” buttons. In addition, there’s an option to hide out-of-stock items and ones already in the cart.

Cross Sell Related Products — Preview

In addition to sliders, Upsell pop-up entices with personalized recommendations for customers.

Cross Sell Related Products Strengths

  • Tracking the results —Learn what works for your customers by tracking clicks and conversions from product recommendations:
Cross Sell Related Products — Tracking
  • Quick View button — Letting customers look at the most important details and add more items to the cart without leaving the current page:
Cross Sell Related Products — Quick View
  • Advanced filters — Settings enable you to pick the type of cross-selling recommendations: collections, vendors, or product types.

Cross Sell Related Products Weaknesses

  • Steep price — This is the most expensive Shopify related products app on the list;
  • Limited design options — It gets the job done, but it’s basic:
Cross Sell Related Products — Text settings

Cross Sell Related Products Pricing

Cross Sell Related Products — Pricing

There are 4 pricing tiers and a 14-day free trial (only for the first download).

What Other Users Say: Best And Worst Reviews

Users claim Cross Sell Related Products works like a charm and increases the order value:

Cross Sell Related Products — Reviews

Other users had serious issues with recent upgrades:

Cross Sell Related Products — Reviews

#3 Related Products | Also Bought (by Globo)

  • Star rating: 4.7 stars ⭐
  • Key features: Analytics, widget placement flexibility
  • Starting price: $9.90/ month (free plan available)
Related Products | Also Bought by Globo

With this app, recommended products can be shown with widgets according to:

  • Manual recommendations;
  • Frequently Bought Together;
  • Shared product type/ vendor/ collection/ tags;
  • New arrivals;
  • Top-selling items;
  • Recently viewed/ purchased.

There are 3 ready-made templates, customizable and responsive across all devices: Carousel, Table, and List.

In addition to related products, use this app to automatically offer discounts for customers who added related products to the cart.

Related Products | Also Bought Strengths

  • Placement flexibility — Place the personalized recommendation widgets anywhere, powered by auto-generated shortcodes:
Globo — Widgets
  • Analytics dashboard — Observe the effect recommendations have on purchase decisions:
Globo — Analytics
  • Great mobile view — Recommendations are optimized for mobile and look and feel great on smaller screens, in all templates:
Globo — Mobile view
Globo — Mobile View

Related Products | Also Bought Weaknesses

  • Poor customization options — Cannot change the font, so it matches the Shopify store theme;
  • Issues with bulk actions — As you’ll see in the “Best & Worst Reviews” section below, bulk import is a tedious process, making this app less than ideal for shops with plenty of items.

Related Products | Also Bought Pricing

Globo — Pricing

Try it out with a 7-day free trial.

What Other Users Say: Best And Worst Reviews

This app is praised for the ease of use and obvious results:

Globo — Reviews

You might want to reconsider if you have bulk actions on your hands:

Globo — Reviews

So, Which Shopify Related Products App to Pick?

Here’s the full comparison table so you can pick the winner:

Vitals comparison table

With Vitals, You’ll Get A Lot More

This is a one-app-to-rule-them-all type of deal. 🔥

Vitals puts an end to the constant search for Shopify apps that do the job right — all of them are ready to go at once.

Start a 30-day free trial of Vitals now and learn why it has a 5-star rating with more than 2300 reviews!


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