4 Best SMS Marketing Apps For Shopify

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Shopify apps for SMS marketing vary in their use cases and functionality.

With message prices and data protection laws different in every country, choosing the wrong one may cost more than you’re willing to pay.

So to prevent unnecessary hefty bills, we tested a number of them to find the best one for you. 👑

To consider including the SMS marketing app on our top list, they needed to have the following characteristics:

  • TCPA and GDPR compliance;
  • Accessible opt-out forms for customers;
  • Customer segmentation (at least basic);
  • Cart abandonment flows.

We decided these four work the best for SMS marketing:

  1. Cartloop SMS Marketing by HonestTech;
  2. SMSBump SMS Marketing by SMSBump Ltd;
  3. SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery by Shipway.

To find the best use cases for each, we compared their:

  • Ease of use;
  • Feature score (how feature-rich they are);
  • Customer support;
  • Pricing;
  • Aesthetics.

But, if you’re short on time, here’s the summary and a visual comparison table to help you get the overall picture.


  • Try Cartloop SMS Marketing by HonestTech if you want to automate customer service but remain personal with an advanced SMS marketing app;
  • Choose SMSBump SMS Marketing if you want to focus on growing the subscriber list, use MMS, and would benefit from automatic landing page builders;
  • Opt for SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery by Shipway if you need a basic, easy-to-use app with WhatsApp messaging, suitable for beginners.
best SMS marketing apps for shopify short comparison table

Need more?

Stay tuned for details and a complete comparison table at the end of the article.

SMS Marketing App #1: – Cartloop SMS Marketing by HonestTech

Star Rating: 4.9 stars ⭐

Key Features: Personalized SMS marketing, Pop-ups, Customer Support

Starting Price: $49/ month (FREE plan available)

Cartloop SMS Marketing by HonestTech

Cartloop is an SMS marketing app formatted as a 1:1 test conversation with customers. It can help you reduce customer churn in several ways:

  • Texting customers who have abandoned their carts;
  • Providing discount codes;
  • Order, shipping, and payment info and issues;
  • Collecting customer phone numbers with pop-ups;
  • AI-powered product recommendations.

Setup is fast and easy, and Cartloop will guide you through a step-by-step process.

First, set the tone to convey your brand image best:

Cartloop SMS Marketing by HonestTech

Then, set the discount to your liking, and remember the discount code to apply:

sms marketing apps for shopify discounts

Once you complete it, it’s time to optimize the checkout with six easy steps, select the payment plan, and you’re ready to use the app.

The dashboard is well designed, modern, and easy to use. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

cartloop dashboard

Cartloop integrates with Shopify, Shopify Plus, and with the following apps:

  1. Helpdesks: Gorgias, Zendesk;
  2. Email Service Provider: Klaviyo;
  3. Subscriptions: ReCharge;
  4. Upsells and Cross-Sells: CartHook, Zipify.

Cartloop SMS Marketing: Strengths

  • Personalized, real-time customer assistance — This is the strongest feature Cartloop offers. Customer pre and post-purchase support feels genuine, despite automation:
Cartloop SMS Marketing: Strengths
  • Valuing customer feedback — Cartloop gathers customer insights and product analytics to understand where things go south and how marketers can improve their products and services:
customer feedback
  • Local phone numbers — Giving a local feel to your conversation assures customers you’re not suspicious or overcharging, and you’ll appear closer wherever you are.
  • Precise customer segmentation — Pick criteria to automate and target specific customer groups:
Precise customer segmentation

Cartloop SMS Marketing: Weaknesses

  • Pricing — In addition to regular monthly fees and SMS charges, Cartloop collects a percentage of your sales made with Cartloop’s help. The free plan is not free: it will cost you 10% of said revenue!

Cartloop SMS Marketing: Price

Cartloop SMS Marketing: Price

Each plan has a 14-day free trial and is cancelable anytime.

Cartloop SMS Marketing: Reviews

The reviews are mostly positive:

Cartloop SMS Marketing: Reviews
Cartloop SMS Marketing: Reviews

SMS Marketing App #2: SMSBump SMS Marketing (by SMSBump Ltd)

Star Rating: 4.8 stars ⭐

Key Features: SMS + MMS marketing campaigns, A/B Testing, Quiet hours/ timezones

Starting Price: $19/ month with $0.0149 per US SMS (FREE plan available, $0.0149 per US SMS)

SMS Marketing App #2: SMSBump SMS Marketing (by SMSBump Ltd)

This app helps you build compliant SMS marketing lists and drive up sales with segmented message campaigns.

Both automated and personalized, these messages enable you to welcome customers, recover abandoned carts, cross-sell, upsell, provide discount codes, help with shipping, etc.

SMSBump SMS Marketing (by SMSBump Ltd)

Analytics are detailed and easy to understand for beginners:

SMSBump SMS Marketing analytics

SMSBump works with Shopify POS and has tons of integrations, some of them being:

  • Klaviyo;
  • Yotpo;
  • Gorgias;
  • Zendesk;
  • Slack;
  • Privy;
  • ReConvert;
  • ReCharge.

SMSBump SMS Marketing: Strengths

  • Supports MMS — With SMSBump, it’s possible to send engaging MMS with images and gifs and offer MMS support; however, it’s available in the US;
SMSBump SMS Marketing: Strengths
  • A/B Testing — Another great feature from SMSBump. Run different SMS campaign versions, track results, and learn what works better for your customers;
  • Subscriber list growth — SMSBump puts special attention on growing the subscriber lists. Pop-ups (native and third-party) and automatic landing page builders make it easy, and it’s doable in several ways, all non-intrusive and comfortable both for you and for customers. Choose between subscription forms, converting the email subscribers, shareable links, or keyword subscription model;
SMSBump SMS Marketing: Strengths

SMSBump SMS Marketing: Weaknesses

There are no apparent weaknesses to this SMS marketing app.

SMSBump SMS Marketing: Price

SMSBump SMS Marketing: Price

Optionally, set a maximum cost per message and never send SMS above the threshold.

SMSBump SMS Marketing: Reviews

SMSBump is praised for being user-friendly and having good customer support:

SMSBump SMS Marketing: Reviews

These are some of the issues other customers had:

SMSBump SMS Marketing: Reviews

SMS Marketing App #3: SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery (by Shipway)

Star Rating: 4.6 stars ⭐

Key Features: SMS and WhatsApp notifications, cart recovery and SMS marketing, message templates

Starting Price: $30 starting plan (FREE to install)

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery by Shipway is simple and easy to use, with a retro design. All settings are accessible from a single point and enriched with valuable tips, built-in counters, and advice.

Orders, payments, shipping, refunds, cancellations, cart recovery, and discounts:

orders paymetns shipping

Notification settings allow one admin to receive them, along with the customer in question:

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery dashboard

Once you set it up, pick the default messaging method (SMS/ WhatsApp) and proceed to access message templates.

message templates

Templates are easily editable and come with a handy note reminding different character counts per SMS unit for different countries.

message templates

This app provides up to three follow-ups with templates and recommendations to not pester your customers with unwanted messages.

follow-up messages and recommendations

Below, you get to set a minimum cart value.

SMS Campaign maker is too basic: tags are there, but there’s no advanced customer segmentation.

sms campaign maker

History gives access to past actions and shows what’s going on with each. What’s missing here are filters: sorting data is available, but with hundreds of messages, things get messy.


This app integrates with Judge.me, Aftership, ReConvert Birthday (by StilyoApps), and other Shipway tools.

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery: Strengths

  • Worldwide availability — SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery by Shipway supports more than 200 countries, including huge markets and far away islands;
  • WhatsApp message notifications — Excellent option for customers who neglected SMS and prefer receiving information in another way, without you having to adjust the format;
  • Ease of use;
  • Overall, a nice and simple beginner app.

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery: Weaknesses

  • Too basic — Analytics, tags, customer segmentation options, and data sorting are lacking;
  • Limited Sender ID — This feature is not available for the US, UK, almost all European countries, China, etc. Sender ID can only consist of six characters.

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery: Price

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery: Price

Here are SMS and WhatsApp prices for a couple of states:

  • US: $0.015 per SMS, $0.107 per WhatsApp message;
  • UK: $0.048 per SMS, $0.177 per WhatsApp message;
  • Canada: $0.019 per SMS, $0.107 per WhatsApp message;
  • Germany: $0.13 per SMS, $0.117 per WhatsApp message;
  • France: $0.084 per SMS, $0.159 per WhatsApp message;
  • China: $0.069 per SMS, $0.105 per WhatsApp message.

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery: Reviews

Here’s the good:

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery: Reviews

And here’s the bad:

SMS Marketing & Cart Recovery: Reviews

So, What’s The Best SMS Marketing App For Shopify?

Analyze this comprehensive table and find your match:

sms marketing apps for shopify long comparison table

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