Shopify Tips: Shopify Payments vs. Stripe

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The payment process is arguably the most important part of running a business, which is why you need to get the best software to process your payments. 

In this article, we’ll talk about two payment options – Shopify payments vs. Stripe. That leaves you with an important question – which one should you opt for?

To help you choose the best option, we’ve decided to review important facets of each app. Much like in our review of Shopify trust badge apps, we’ll be using the following criteria:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Feature Score
  3. Customer Support
  4. Aesthetics
  5. Pricing


  • Go for Stripe if you are only looking for a payment processing app.
  • Go for Shopify if you want a holistic platform for your ecommerce store.

That said, we can head to the detailed bit of the article. Let’s dive in!

Shopify payments vs. stripe Shopify payments vs. stripe


Star rating: 4.5

Key Feature: The perfect solution for payment processing

Starting Price: 2.9%+ $0.3/ successful card charge (custom package available)

Shopify payments vs. stripe

Stripe is your go-option if you are looking for simple software that will just help you with your payment option. 

This app aims to be “A fully integrated suite of payments products.” In other words, they want to deal with all things payment.

Do they achieve that goal? Let’s see.

Standout Features

Payment Links

You can sell online without a website with this app. They create payment links that don’t require a code.

Invoicing And Billing

You can create and send invoices and bills in seconds with this innovative and easy-to-use app.

In-person Payments

Stripe terminal allows you to connect to the real world. Their PoS has modern retailers in mind and helps bridge the gap between the online and offline world.

Extensive Reports

Stripe can give you custom reports. This includes tax, identity, climate details, and some more helpful information.

Shopify Payments vs. Stripe – Why You Should Choose Stripe

Shopify payments vs. stripe

Easy-To-Use Yet Powerful

Thanks to its simplicity, this app is not complicated by any means. That doesn’t mean it’s not sophisticated, however. It has one of the world’s most powerful APIs. It is designed for developers.

Quick Processing

The advanced software ensures that your payment process is swift and painless. 

Safety Is Priority

Stripe Radar specializes in fraud prevention with effective machine learning and algorithms. Simply put, it makes sure you and your customers don’t have a bad time.

Shopify Payments vs. Stripe – Stripe Shortcomings

Serves A Limited Niche

It does one job, and it does it really well. But at the end of the day, you need a lot more to run an online store, and that’s where Stripe falls short.

Average Customer Support

Much to the disappointment of its users, Stripe offers very little customer support.

Shopify payments vs. stripe


For every successful card charge, you’ll need to pay 2.9% + 30c. You can also customize a package for your business. 

Shopify payments vs. stripe

User Reviews

Stripe has average customer reviews. According to one user on TrustPilot, customer service isn’t their forte.

Shopify payments vs. stripe


Star rating: 5

Key Feature: The all-inclusive eCommerce platform

Starting Price: $29/ month (14-day free trial available)


Next up, we have Shopify. The platform has an agreement with Stripe, so store owners can opt for its’ in-built payment system, or Stripes’. But Shopify is better to use in the long run since it combines different payment options with tons of website building features. 

Shopify features plenty of other apps to make your online store more accessible and help you run a successful business. It is a platform that houses various apps fulfilling specific tasks.

Shopify payments vs. stripe

Since you’re all caught up on how Shopify works, let’s discuss the best features of the Shopify platform.

Note: To keep things simple, we’re choosing to discuss the inbuilt payment processor.

Standout Features

One Platform Does It All

Shopify’s mission is to integrate all of your tasks into one single software. They make sure you can sell anything and market your goods from the click of a button. 

Complete Control Over Your Business

This platform allows you to track orders and fulfilments, gives you full access to insights, and accepts payments. It offers the same payment processing features as Stripe.

Shopify Payments vs. Stripe – Why You Should Choose Shopify

Complete eCommerce Platform

You don’t need any other platforms to run your e-commerce store.

Instant Payment Process

The other features are nice but let’s get to why we’re really here: the payment processing feature. For starters, Shopify payments are instant and straightforward.

Easy to Track Payments

The insights come in handy here. The informative and easy-to-understand dashboard keeps you updated on your transactions.

Super Secure

Online payment can be very risky, but not with Shopify. To make it safer, the payments are PCI compliant and 3D secure checkouts are available.

Shopify Payments vs. Stripe – Shopify Shortcomings

High Configuration

Unfortunately, simplicity isn’t Shopify’s strongest suit. Multiple features are great but they get a little hard to track. It does get easier with time, though. Also, it is wiser to use apps that perform more than just one task.


Similar to Stripe, the pricing depends on the size of the transaction. The difference here is you need to pay a little extra for the other features.

Shopify pricing

User Reviews

The high number of satisfied customers suggests that the extra bit of cash is worth it.


Remember when we said you should use apps that do more to simplify things, why not give Vitals a try? 


You can’t do much better than Vitals if you are looking to make a successful online store. Our apps include Product Reviews, Currency Converter, Visitor Replays, Trust Badges, etc., among many more. 

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Shopify Payments vs. Stripe – Why Is Shopify Better?

To be fair, Stripe is a platform made solely for making and receiving payments. However, Shopify is an all-rounder package that includes payment options (Stripe included), and running a full-fledged online business. However, its’ in-built payment features are just as efficient as Stripes’, if not even better. 

For starters, customer support is incredible with Shopify. Unlike Stripe and its inefficient support, Shopify customer service clears up all queries regarding payments, security, and taxes. All payments are also PCI compliant, with 3D checkouts available to smoothen the process. 

Final Words

All in all, we highly rate both these apps. But if we had to choose between Shopify payments vs. Stripe, it would definitely be the former. 

You can do so much more with just one platform – it’s insane. The only drawback is its complexity, but the learning curve is relatively easy. Moreover, all-in-one apps such as Vitals make the process a piece of cake.


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