How to make sure your store is fast and secure [BFCM]

Nov 18, 2021 | Ecommerce

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In 2020, Shopify merchants set a record during the BFCM weekend – they made a whopping $2.9 billion.

This year is already looking better. Black Friday deals are on as you read this and experts predict consumers will spend even more compared to 2020.

And that’s why you need to make sure your store is fast and secure. Technical glitches and hacks can cost you thousands in revenue not to mention a decrease in consumer trust. 

Here’s how to avoid that:

Optimize your store for mobile

Adobe’s data revealed that $3.6 billion in revenue last year came from smartphone shoppers. So if your site is not optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.

Start here: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test – this will tell you if your site is mobile-friendly. 

Compact information in an easy to read format using BLUF (bottom-line up first)

  • What promotions are you running?
  • Is it site-wide or on specific products?
  • Do you have a clear CTA?

Then work on the mobile CX with the help of your dev team. 

  • Optimize your tap targets
  • Clean up your navigation
  • Adjust font and button sizes
  • Use conventional fonts
  • Keep your CTA front and center
  • Keep your main navigation bar visible

Don’t use too many apps

Shopify makes it really easy for anyone to start a store and use a bunch of apps to add marketing and sales functionality but here’s the problem:

These apps are not designed to work with each other. Individually, they might work really well and not affect your page loading speed. But if you have a bunch of apps on your page, loading times are bound to increase.

Check how your store is doing using Shopify’s online store speed report.

Slow page speeds can cost you thousands in revenue. Want to know just how much? Use our page speed calculator to find out how much you can lose or gain in revenue.

Disable app features you don’t use or remove apps that are not useful. (Or download Vitals – an all-in-one marketing and sales app with 40+ apps!)

Delete pages you don’t need

Any category pages or out-of-stock products that can go, should. This will make your site load faster. Analyze your site’s architecture to see which pages can be removed. This also helps with SEO since deleting pages increases your crawl budget.

Check your theme

Often, some theme features that aren’t optimized for speed can increase your loading times. If you suspect a theme is causing this issue, disable theme features or consider using a default theme that’s optimized like Dawn. You can also consult your theme developer by contacting Shopify’s support. 

Check image and video sizes

Huge file sizes can considerably slow down your store. So, if you are using a lot of high-quality images or have a video on your store, make sure it’s optimized to avoid an adverse impact on page speed. If your page speed scores don’t increase, consider removing them altogether. 

Make sure you have a TLS certificate

By default, your Shopify store offers you a TLS certificate for free. However, if you have a different domain and are planning to connect it to Shopify, you might have an unsecured site for 48 hours. This error will also be displayed on your store page. Make sure you plan ahead and contact Shopify’s support if the error isn’t resolved in 48 hours. 

Keep your assets secure

If you host your webfonts, images, videos, or other assets elsewhere, make sure they are published over HTTPS. Without this, these assets are considered unsecure. The best way to avoid this is to host everything on Shopify. 

Test your shopping experience

Arguably the most important tip is to test your shopping experience for yourself. 

  • Use multiple devices and browsers and mimick shopper behavior during BFCM to see if something breaks. 
  • Invite loyal customers to shop earlier during Black Friday and report bugs and offer feedback in exchange for coupons or discounts. 
  • Have contingency plans in place if you’re sold out or you experience downtime.


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