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Ecommerce is a booming industry. As a result of the pandemic, the number of people purchasing (and selling) online grew. As a result, new technologies, new ideas, and new people have come into the limelight. Specifically, the women in ecommerce who work tirelessly to improve the industry.

This year on world e-commerce day, we wanted to celebrate. Our goal this year was to honor the women who contribute significantly to the world of e-retail. We chose 12 talented women working in the field of ecommerce who you need to be aware of right now. It’s no secret that women in eCommerce are changing the game, whether they are founders, CEOs, marketers, or agencies; they are making ground-breaking and exciting changes!

You can use this list as a starting point if you’ve been wanting to follow some new people or want to learn new things.

women in ecommerce and DTC

Women in ecommerce: Marketer, Kristen le France

The title of “Mayor of DTC” on Twitter is no mean feat. As a well-known figure in the world of e-commerce, Kristen doesn’t need an introduction (and with good reason). She’s the host of the Shopify podcast, “Resilient Retail.” Here she offers real, actionable thoughts that every retailer can use to make their brand and business future-proof.

Before joining Shopify, Kristen ran the newsletter at Churnbuster, where she interviewed merchants from companies like MeUndies, Kopari Beauty, and more.

women in ecommerce

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Women in ecommerce: Founder, Michelle Cordiero Grant

While growing up, Michelle Cordeiro Grant felt like an outsider because she was the only Indian person in her town. However, she later learned to love individuality, and it took a lot of growth before she got there. Michelle thought being successful meant becoming either a doctor or lawyer at first but now realizes that many paths lead to success.

Lively, a Chicago-based bra manufacturer and retailer with more than 100k social media ambassadors, has been making waves recently. Cordeiro started Lively in her apartment five years ago when she was just 23 years old–and now this “insane hungry” woman’s small company is worth $85 million. Today, you can find these innovative bras (with removable inserts for mastectomy) at stores like Nordstrom or Madewell; if that isn’t enough to get your attention, maybe their “100K Social Media Ambassadors” will!

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Women in ecommerce: Founder, Roya Pakzad

Roya is on a mission to empower women by providing them with affordable, high-quality health care and education. Feminade provides a unique approach to hormonal imbalance. From the use of home testing, online concierge services, telemedicine consultations, and the collection of actionable reports of progress in order to track the progress. In addition, Feminade provides education and educational content through their website. It is Roya’s belief that it is time to modernize our healthcare system by updating materials on a digital platform

Roya believes people need to be more aware about their bodies and how they work so that they can make more informed decisions when treating themselves or others who are experiencing pain related to hormonal issues.

Feminade offers tools to empower women and teaches them about their health. Her business development experience includes establishing strategic partnerships with startups and Fortune 500 companies in the SaaS market.

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Women in ecommerce: Marketer, Elise Dopson

By 23, Elise had turned over $150k+ in her business. At 21? The year she made six figures.

Having become a self-taught marketer, Elise’s business has grown quickly, efficiently, and impressively over the years. You’ve probably seen some of Elise’s content if you’ve ever been stuck on something in the ecommerce world.

Elise has written for numerous publications and businesses including Shopify, Privy, Hubspot, as well as a variety of others.

Ecommerce industry expert, Elise describes and breaks down concepts in an easy-to-understand and easy to execute way. Learn more about how you can improve your content, increase traffic, boost your authority, and convert more visitors, so make sure you don’t miss it


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Women in ecommerce: Thought leader and author Heidi Richards Mooney

The author and thought leader Heidi Richard Mooney has experience running her own business and offering business advice to people in the business world as well as consulting on business matters. With over 19 years of experience, she has spoken at a variety of conferences and events around the globe and has authored eight books.

Today, she is the co-founder and editor in chief of WE Magazine, an online publication dedicated to empowering, promoting, and sharing the stories of women in business.


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Women in ecommerce: Marketer, Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore is a name most in the ecommerce industry know (and love). Since she writes for Forbes, vogue business, Fast company, Glossy, AdWeek, Entrepreneur, and a host of other publications, she is well-positioned to share her views on retail, ecommerce, and direct-to-consumer businesses.

Besides having a great list of clients, Kaleigh also has an active blog on her website and several courses that are dedicated to teaching people about her industry as well.

In particular, she is enthusiastic about discovering and analyzing trends and news relevant to the fashion, beauty, and luxury industries. In addition to support and guidance in those or any aspect of e-commerce that you may need, I recommend you keep her on your radar.


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Women in ecommerce: Founder and author, Grace Beverley

In addition to being an Oxford graduate, Grace Beverly is a 3-time multi-million dollar business owner, author, and social influencer.

Her companies, Tala and Shreddy, provide sports equipment and technology for people who would like to look and feel good in their workout clothes. To create an environmentally-friendly brand, Grace focuses on sustainability.

It is worth mentioning that a year after graduation, she was recognized in Forbes magazine as one of the 30 under 30 retail and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Grace Beverley

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Women in ecommerce: Marketer, Val Geisler

When it comes to email marketing, Val is the person to contact. In addition to being the author of “Fix My Churn” and a customer evangelist at Klaviyo, she also knows a thing or two about how to get your email read, opened, and most importantly, loved.

As a customer service specialist, Val is described as having a passion for what she does. It’s clear to see why she made the list with well over a decade of experience working for startups, charities, socially responsible companies, and seven-figure businesses, to name a few.

It is through Val’s experience that she has been able to speak at prestigious events such as Mircoconf, Interact, Women in Digital, Content Marketing World, Shopify Column, Litmus Live, and Learn Inbound, to mention a few.

Val Geisler

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Women in ecommerce: SaaS, Kathleen Booth

After owning a digital marketing agency for eleven years, Kathleen was well versed in the world of eCommerce. She sold her company, however, after which she started fresh with something new–this is where came in!

Cathy, a former owner of a digital marketing agency, and a cybersecurity expert, is the chief communications officer of, which plans to build an eCommerce store. offers world-class products and services to ensure your safety while you browse the internet. When you use Clean, every page across all of your devices is scanned for any malicious activity in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

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Women in ecommerce: Founder, Christina Funke Tegbe

Founder and creative visionary of 54 Thrones, Christina Funke Tegbe is the creative force behind this brand. An African beauty brand that draws inspiration from the richness, diversity, and cultures of Africa and its people.

Christina grew up in a southern-American household rooted in Nigerian culture. As a result, at an early age, she became empowered to share the heart-soul spirit of her home country, Nigeria, across the world through natural products like Shea butter, which she sent from Africa. “54 thrones” was founded by Christina in 2015 when she left a corporate job that required creativity for marketing strategies in that place to create a connection between her motherland (Africa) and the global community and was meant to symbolize that connection. As conscious shopping has become more popular over the past few years, people are interested in this trend;

The award-winning beauty brand has been featured in Vogue, Essence Elle, and many others with ingredients handcrafted by Africans around the world.

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Women in ecommerce: Founder, Macarena Riva and Andrea Sanchez

Macarena Riva and Andrea Sanchez are changing the tide in Mexico. The country is not a place where eCommerce runs smoothly. It’s a place with high levels of distrust and skepticism for online purchases, making it difficult to do business there! That all changed after starting Raw Apothecary-a natural beauty brand that speaks to women across age groups by using minimalist packaging, clean ingredients, and personalized service from its founders who learned about bazaar culture through their journey. They take the offline, online and tap into what Mexicans loved: face-to-face transactions at markets like Teotihuacan’s covered market or Chilpancingo’s weekly Wednesday market

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Women in ecommerce: Founder Bunny and Taran

Sisters, Taran and Bunny Ghatrora are the founders of Blume, a company that produces health products specifically for teens. All the work they do revolves around the two Ss- sisterhood and self-care- which they consider to be the most important. At the start of their brand’s expansion, there was no wellness line specifically aimed at teen girls, but if the founder wanted to make a difference, she had to start a movement that would inspire the rest of the industry. As long as these entrepreneurs keep their demands up, they will continue to provide even the most marginalized girls with high-quality, cruelty-free beauty products tailored specifically to their needs.

As Taran Ghatrora and Bunny Ghatrora of Blume set out to create a community, everything they do originate from their values of sisterhood and self-care. Their authentic approach to the hard-hitting issues that affect young girls started an industry-wide movement of acceptance. The brand ensures that self-care is taught as early as possible. Puberty is the most vulnerable time in a girl’s life, and many are not given the tools and education to feel their best. Blume plans to change that.

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That’s a wrap: Who are your top women in e-commerce?

It’s time to get acquainted with the top 12 women in ecommerce. These are people who have made a significant impact on this industry and deserve our attention as we head into future years.

I’m interested. Were any of these names new to you? Be sure to share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below!

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