Weebly vs. Shopify – Which One Should You Choose?

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Even though both Weebly and Shopify are e-commerce platforms, they work in very different ways. For instance, Weebly is more of a website builder, while Shopify focuses entirely on building online stores for entrepreneurs.

And while Weebly doesn’t technically prioritize online stores as such websites, it’s still a pretty great tool. If used correctly, it can help you to launch your business in a fully furnished format.

As a result, people are now pretty concerned about the Weebly vs. Shopify comparison. It’s especially hard to figure out where to invest when you’re just a newcomer in this field.

So, for today’s article, we’d like to discuss their features and differences. You’ll receive a thorough overview of their services, pricing, conditions, etc., to make the correct decision for yourself.

Our Criteria

Comparison overviews are incomplete unless you judge both parties with a fixed set of criteria, no? That’s why we decided to use the same criteria as the Shopify trust badge apps and Shopify loyalty apps reviews.

  • Ease Of Use
  • Feature Score
  • Customer Support
  • Aesthetics
  • Pricing.

And here’s a brief rundown for all those readers too busy to go through the article in full.


  • Pick Weebly if you’re just starting out and need a great portfolio. It’s especially amazing for a market researcher with great coding knowledge and expertise.
  • Pick Shopify if you’re looking to get the full e-commerce experience. It’s got a bunch of specialized features that make it perfect for large online businesses.

weebly vs. shopify

weebly vs. shopify

Well, that’s all there’s to it for the brief overview. Let’s go for a further detailed discussion to settle the debate on the Weebly vs. Shopify comparison.


Star Rating: 4.5

Key Feature: Comparatively affordable and user-friendly with customizable features

Starting Price: As low as $12/month.

If you have previous experience with platforms like WordPress, you may find Weebly highly functional as well. It’s great for all the tech geeks out there who like to nitpick everything until it’s perfect.

Weebly offers them the option to customize their site however they want to. You’ll have access to multiple tools (limited within the free trial) that’ll help you to build your shop from scratch.

But that’s not all that put them so high up the list. Let’s find out about their standout features to get a better idea.

Weebly vs. Shopify – Weebly Standout Features

Highly Affordable Pricing

As you may have noticed already, you can sign up for Weebly’s basic plan for only 12 bucks a month. Considering their range of services, that’s very good pricing. Especially for total beginners.

Multitude Of Themes

Divided into seven different categories, Weebly offers a total of 61 themes as of now. Among these 61 themes, 15 are specifically made for designing online stores. You can directly use them if you don’t want to customize your own.

Editable Templates

You can bring changes to the templates according to your preferences. By using tools like Code Editor, you can alter the HTML and CSS of your template. And thus, you get to make the store more interesting, adjustable, and approachable.

Weebly vs. Shopify – Why You Should Choose Weeblyweebly vs. shopify

Easy Email Marketing

Weebly is known for its great emailing marketing service termed Weebly Promote. With the help of this service, beginner merchants can easily hook in new customers. They can keep the customers updated on all fronts as well.

Weebly vs. Shopify – Weebly Shortcomings

Only Basic Customizability

Even though Weebly is known for website customization, it has its limit for the non-skilled ones. All the themes have preselected areas within the templates. So, you can’t really drag and drop according to your will to fix something.

Lack Of E-Commerce Resources

Weebly isn’t primarily an e-commerce platform, although it has some of the right tools for it. But since it doesn’t prioritize online marketing, it lacks lots of advanced resources, unlike Shopify.


Starting from just $12/month, Weebly provides one of the most affordable services out there.

weebly vs. shopify

User Reviews

Users share mixed reviews about their experience with Weebly, averaging out at just about on the good side.

weebly vs. shopify


Star Rating: 5

Key Feature: It’s pretty much a one-stop service for all types of e-commerce needs.

Starting Price: $29/ month (14-day free trial available)


Needless to say, the rating alone shows why Shopify’s the best out of the two. But let’s have a more comprehensive look at its cool features to find out why.

Weebly vs. Shopify – Shopify Standout Features

Lots Of Themes

Unlike Weebly, you’ll find no shortage of themes over here at Shopify. As you read already, Weebly is limited to only 15 themes for online stores.

Shopify, on the other hand, harbors 73 amazing themes in the e-commerce section. Among these, you’ll find nine free ones as well to try out during the trial. The other 64 will become available to you after you sign up for the premium.

App Extensions

shopify apps

Shopify already provides multitudes of customizable apps to help out with the online store. But if you still want to make more changes, you can keep on extending such apps however you prefer. One such app is Vitals, with over 40 of its own apps. 

These apps include – Shoppable Instagram Feed, Visitor Replays, Currency Converter, Announcement Bars, etc. Its sole purpose is to enhance the website experience for your visitors, consequently increasing conversions and boosting engagement.


Try Vitals for free today!

Amazing Marketing

Shopify knows how to attract customers using proper SEO, Email Marketing, Facebook ads, etc. They also have a great customer support team that provides invaluable help in setting up your online business stores.

Weebly vs. Shopify – Why You Should Choose Shopify

Designed For Marketing

Unlike Weebly, Shopify is a full-on online marketing platform. It focuses on setting up online stores and driving sales right from the get-go.

User-Friendly Interface

You don’t need extreme knowledge of coding to use Shopify. All operations are already quite simplified. The readymade themes are pretty great as well. As a result, you don’t necessarily have to go for advanced-level alterations with them.

One-Stop Service

Shopify is a platform where several tools and apps become integrated to give you the best possible performance. So, with Shopify by your side, you don’t really have to look for other service providers.

Shopify Shortcomings

A Little Expensive

After comparing the pricing, it’s evident that Shopify charges a lot more than Weebly. However, it’s not necessarily a con since Shopify provides better service than Weebly on pretty much all fronts.

Requires Transaction Fees

Unless you are using Shopify Payments to pay your monthly fees, you might have to pay some additional transaction fees. But again, it’s easily avoidable if you just transfer to Shopify Payments.


Shopify pricing starts at $29/month. You also get a 14 day free trial in advance.

shopify pricing

User Reviews

More or less, all the users were satisfied with Shopify and its services.

shopify review

Final Words

So, Weebly vs Shopify – who’s your winner? While Weebly certainly offers gentle pricing for average features, Shopify offers a full-on feast for your bucks. It offers Vitals as well, which is a must-have app for online marketing.

Thus, if it were up to us, we would definitely recommend going for Shopify. Weebly definitely puts up a great performance, but it still can’t match up to the all-inclusive package of Shopify.


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