Using our brand

These guidelines will help you learn how to use our brand


The Vitals' logo is a representation of our many apps. Multiple colors suggests power, creation, creativity, and endless possibilities.


This is the alternate logo. Everything stays the same, (design and icon colors), except for the color of the “Vitals” text. This logo should be used only when the background color is dark, to provide contrast.


In situations where there is not enough real estate to show the full logo, use this instead. This ensures the brand logo is recognized at all times.


There are a few circumstances where our brandmark, can represent the brand on its own without the wordmark.

Clear space

Clear space is a specific amount of space a logo must have on all sides, no matter where it's used. The reason for clear space is to ensure the logo has maximum visibility and impact.

How not to use our logo and branding

There are rules for the use of logos, to ensure there is consistency on all platforms. Alternations of logos such as rotation, skew, change of colors or adding other elements should not be done.

don't rotate the logo

don't change the opacity

don't distort the logo

don't change the typeface

don't change the colors

don't add shadows

Not what you need?

You can find more details about colors and typography in our brand manual.
If you are feeling unsure about proper use of our logo, send us an email at [email protected].