Turn more visitors into happy customers

Before Vitals: Skyrocketing monthly fees for multiple apps. And while they’re supposed to help you sell more, they’re slowing your site loading times, clashing with each other, and frustrating visitors.

After Vitals: One low monthly fee for 40+ Shopify apps you control from a single dashboard. They load lightning-fast and work seamlessly with each other. Engagement increases and sales soar.

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Use social proof to build trust
Deliver better experiences
Increase conversion rate
Boost average order value
Online shoppers demand more

It's not enough to stock amazing products. Online shoppers demand more.

More fun. More action. More user-friendly features. More, more, more. After all, the customer is always right — right?

Customers know the power is in their hands. If you don't deliver what they want, they'll click away. This is why you pay for fancy plugin after fancy plugin to try and win them over.

But it's a double-edged sword.

The more plugins you install the longer it takes your site to load and you risk apps clashing. It doesn't just frustrate potential shoppers, it puts you back where you started...

Online shoppers demand more

Turn your site into the shopper-delighting, sales-driving store it's meant to be.

With 40+ sales-boosting plugins and advanced marketing capabilities, organized in a single platform, Vitals helps convert more site visitors into raving fans and happily-paying customers.

Without slowing down your site loading time. Without apps conflicting with each other. And without the headache of managing (and paying for) multiple apps and extensions.

Yep, Vitals does that.
However you want to scale your eCommerce store, Vitals can help you do it.
Deliver better experiences
Deliver better experiences

Delight and retain customers.

Simplify your shopping process and give customers the frictionless shopping they deserve.
Popular features
  • Visitor Replays
  • Currency Converter
  • Instant Search
  • Description Tabs
  • All-in-One Chat
  • SEO Alt Tags

I'm still learning my way around Vitals, but I really appreciate having so many robust features in one place, as opposed to constantly trying to figure out which apps are controlling what within my store! The key theme to all the Vitals pieces is that it makes the customer experience better – scroll to the top, tabs that condense product info on mobile, all-in-one chat options... Lastly, the customer service is GREAT!

Loud Sisters Shop
Use social proof to build trust
Build trust

Use social proof for a good first impression.

Trust and revenue go hand in hand. Build and sustain a reputation your customers can rely on. Enhance your brand’s credibility and help customers make confident purchase decisions.
Popular features
  • Reviews
  • Shoppable Instagram Feed
  • Recent Sales Notifications
  • Trust Badges

This app has basically everything you need. From sticky add to cart bar, trust badges, and product description tabs plus a lot of other features that I don't see in other apps. The monthly sub is totally worth it.

H²O Infused Fitness
Capture more leads
Capture more leads

Get visitors into your conversion funnel.

Every customer interaction is a step closer to a sale. With different lead generation tools to choose from, spend less time finding new customers and more time winning them over.
Popular features
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Pop-ups
  • Facebook Pixels
  • Email Capture Bar

Absolutely amazing app with as much as we'll ever need! Pre-orders so simple to setup, Wheel of Fortune has transformed our conversion and email listing... AMAZING, totally recommend!

Increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment
Increase conversions

Turn more visitors into happy customers.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to results. Experiment with winning strategies to increase your conversion rates and curb high cart abandonment. Instantly run experiments to test what works in minutes instead of hours or days.
Popular features
  • Stock Scarcity
  • Cart Reserved Timer
  • Shipping Information
  • Recently Viewed

I saw an almost instant increase in conversion rate when I installed this app and enabled about 1/2 the features that made sense for my store. I was able to delete 5 other apps and speed my store up. Best of all, I needed a few tweaks in several of the Vitals modules and support made them within hours. 5 Star app, 5 Star support.

Diamond Art Gifts
Boost average order value
Boost average order value

Increase profit margin.

Harness the power of current customers and increase average order value for long-term impact.
Popular features
  • Volume Discounts
  • Product Bundles
  • BOGO
  • Pre-Orders

Initially used this app to add quantity breaks (and it has loads of other cool essential features). It's the best one out of all the ones tried in the past. In the last 30 days of using it, my AOV has jumped 30%. Really impressive app.

Whitecrate Shop

Everything you need to scale your Shopify store. In one end-to-end platform.

Try now with a 30-day free trial.

One bill, one low monthly fee.

You won't just win more customers with Vitals. You'll keep more money in your pocket, too. With 40+ plugins to choose from, scale your sales for a fraction of the cost.

See below how Vitals stacks up against running your store the hard way.

Other apps


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Sales Pop ‑ Popup Notification
Pre‑Order Manager 2.0
WinAds: Facebook Pixels
Bold Quantity Breaks
Instant Search +
Sales Box ‑ Shipping & Offers
Wheelio ‑ Gamified pop‑up
Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart
Email Collection Bar
Free Shipping Bar
Also Bought • Cross Sell
Countdown Timer Bar
BEST Currency Converter
Frequently Bought Together
Hurrify ‑ Countdown Timer
Tabs by Station
Chaty: All‑In‑One Chat Button
Vitals - 40+ apps in One


Product Reviews


Recent Sales Notifications




Backup & Multiple Facebook Pixels


Volume Discounts


Instant Search


Shipping Information


Spin-the-Wheel Gamified Pop-Up


Sticky Add to Cart


Email Collection Bar


Free Shipping Bar


Related Products


Countdown Timer Bar


Currency Converter


Product Bundles


Countdown Timer & Stock Scarcity


Description Tabs


All-in-One Chat

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